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An image of a Libra Tattoo with a simple scale balancing a crescent moon and sun.
Libra, These Delicate Tattoos Are *Just* What You've Been Looking For

I want them all.

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Don’t be sad, go get a tattoo. It may be a catchy TikTok audio, but low-key, it’s always sound advice, as there’s no better way to celebrate any type of life event than with a cute tattoo. And with your birthday season in full swing, Libra, it may be time to get some zodiac-inspired ink.

Libra season runs from Sept. 23 to Oct. 23, so you’ve likely been feeling invigorated and excited about the future. It also means that you have plenty of time to make your next tattoo appointment. As this star sign’s all about balance and harmony, you’re going to want a dynamic tattoo that flows perfectly with your aesthetic and body.

From the scales to the constellation to its classic symbol, or even something totally unique to you, there are many Libra tattoo designs you can get permanently inked on your skin, so everyone will know your zodiac sign at first glance. But, Libras are also known for their indecision, so it might be hard for you to actually settle on a tattoo. Fret not, because you can find the perfect tat for you with the Libra tattoo ideas below. Since your zodiac sign is ruled by Venus, you’re definitely going to want at least one of these beautiful images with you forever.

Libra Tattoo: Pastel Constellation

You can get a candy-colored, Libra constellation tattoo for a soft design. The pastel colors with subtle black outlines keep this tat from fading into the background of your collection. It’s unique while still conveying your zodiac sign to a T.

Libra Tattoo: Sun And Moon Scales

Feel the balance, the harmony, and the beauty of this perfectly weighted scale. This tattoo even plays in to your love of the universe with the sun and moon details. It’s a simple scale that won’t distract from the message behind it.

Libra Tattoo: Constellation, Scales, And Flowers, Oh My

If you want some attention-grabbing ink, you can pack in all your favorite things with your Libra tattoo. You can include the constellation and flowers to create a dynamic image. And of course, nothing will make this ink as clock-able for Libra than a set of scales.

Libra Tattoo: Crystal And Libra Symbol

Bring together your love of crystals and astrology by getting the Libra symbol inside your favorite kind of stone. For those who don’t have a fave, try Ametrine, as it helps restore Libra’s favorite buzzword: balance. Not to mention, it comes in a gorgeous purple color that’ll pop on any skin tone.

Libra Tattoo: Simple Libra Symbol

To go down a minimalist path, you can go with bare-bones design just getting the Libra emblem. This tattoo will look great on your ankle, finger, or any place where you just want a little extra ink.

Libra Tattoo: Goddess Portrait

Why get just the scales when you can get a beautiful woman wearing scales as earrings? This tattoo takes the weighted sun and moon look even further. It also includes Libra’s symbol on the woman’s forehead for more nods to your zodiac.

Libra Tattoo: A Rose Moment

Another minimalist tattoo idea is to get Libra’s flower, a rose, with its astrological glyph above it. It’s dainty and delicate without being overly simple or on the nose.

Libra Tattoo: Floral Constellation

Leave the galaxy behind and bring your favorite flowers into the mix by getting a floral constellation tattoo. It’s more recognizable than getting just dots and lets you show even more of your personality.

Libra Tattoo: Swords And Roses

You can show off your tougher side by exchanging the traditional scales for a sword. But, for a mix of soft and hard, a collection of roses going up the blade shows that you’re still soft at heart.

Libra Tattoo: Cutesy, Cartoon Girl

Walk amongst the stars by getting a cute, cartoon girl holding up scales. This inspiration is for the playful at heart. You may even end up wanting to create an entire backstory for your new arm character.

Libra season only comes once a year, but this air sign deserves attention 365 days with a thoughtful tattoo.

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