Latinx beauty youtubers include Amy Serrano

These Latinx Beauty YouTubers Have Unmatched Makeup Skills

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Even on your busiest days, there is always time for a beauty tutorial. Whether you're going on a date, to a party, or just running errands, there are an infinite amount of ways, bold and subtle, you play around with your makeup. If you're ready to try something new, peep these Latinx beauty influencers for all your makeup needs. Thanks to their reviews and tutorials, you'll be able to tackle a whole new level of makeup artistry with these gurus on your side.

As if you needed more reason to expand your BeauTuber pool, it's currently Latinx Heritage Month. Now and always, it's high time to celebrate the many different figures who make up the Latinx community, and there's no better or easier way to do that than by uplifting and supporting Latinx creators. By simply following these beauty gurus and consuming their content, you'll help them continue to reach a huge audience. Not to mention, their content is brimming with tons of tips and looks you'll want to try out ASAP.

Whether you're new to makeup or have been practicing for years, there are plenty of Latinx beauty vlogger tutorials out there to inspire you. And if you're in need of sprucing up your own makeup stash before you get started, check out these Latinx-owned beauty brands. Now that you're properly prepared, scroll below to see some must-follow Latinx beauty influencers. (Stay awhile and watch their videos, while you're at it.)


With everything from tutorials to reviews to affordable beauty looks, iluvsarahii has all the content you need to be an informed beauty lover. Her channel is a great mix of complicated cut-creases and very simple looks that are all easy follow.

Manny Mua

If you've been on beauty YouTube for a while, you've definitely fallen in love with Manny Mua's effervescent, bubbly personality. His energy will not only immediately put you in a good mood, but also his ability to constantly turn out bold, glam looks is nothing short of impressive.

Denise As I Am

While Denise As I Am isn't afraid to play with color, she mostly sticks with stunning neutral looks that will fit every event and any outfit. She also posts tons of tips about skincare, so you can perfect your routine from beginning to end.

Camila Coelho

I, for one, don't always like going through the classic steps of completing a full beauty look. Often I like to skip foundation or find a quick way to apply blush rather than spend minutes blending and building, which is why I love Camila Coelho's channel so much. Alongside her more complex glam looks (and impeccable sense of fashion), she also has tutorials for those days when you want to wear some makeup, not all of it.

MonicaStyle Muse

Afro-Latina beauty vlogger MonicaStyle Muse is a must-follow if you're just entering the makeup world. She shares simple looks you can recreate in 20 minutes or less, as well as her favorite must-have, affordable products. Prepare to add all her suggestions to your cart.


For all the tea on clean beauty, check out SunKissAlba's channel. She has advice for bringing natural products into every part of your life, and her makeup tutorials are the end-all-be-all of creating the no-makeup makeup look.


Nena's color-filled beauty tutorials will brighten your life immensely. TBH, even if you don't try them yourself, they're just mesmerizing to look at. She zooms in on her application, so you can recreate her intricate looks step by step, and then end result is oh-so-satisfying.

Christen Dominique

One of the best parts about Christen Dominique's videos is that she doesn't shy away from a theme. From the season at the time to her favorite drink, Dominique tailors looks for many situations, meaning she has a wealth of unique tutorials to get you in the mood to celebrate just about anything.

Iris Beilin

Cult-favorite beauty products come and go as quickly as the wind, and if you've ever wondered if the latest viral product is any good, Iris Beilin has the answers. She's constantly testing out and comparing different products, so you can know in an instant what's worth it and what's not.

Nicole Guerriero

A ~lewk~ is rarely complete without a bomb hairstyle, and Nicole Guerriero has tutorials for both. That way, you can take both your makeup and your hair game to the next level and be ready for anything, anytime, anywhere.


Let's be real, few beauty YouTubers are as hilarious to watch as KathleenLights. Her content is helpful, engaging, and, most importantly, honest, meaning you know you're going to get the truth about a product or routine when you watch her videos.

Desi Perkins

Besides tons of cute family content, Mexican beauty influencer Desi Perkins gives us tons of insight into her favorite content and her favorite looks of the moment. From inspo for your next Halloween costume to a simple everyday look, Perkins gives us a variety of beauty content to choose from!

Gabriel Zamora

Gabriel Zamora shares funny details about his dating life while simultaneously taking us on his eyebrow journey. This beauty YouTuber is always ready to give his opinion on dating, beauty, and everything in between.

Ahnesti Monet Michael

Monet Michael is singlehandedly taking over the beauty influencer world. With 1.7 million TikTok followers and over 100k followers on Youtube, Michael is influencing all of her followers to copy her glowy skin and iconic lip combo.

Amy Serrano

If you’re looking for the best product reviews, Amy Serrano’s Youtube channel is the place to go. Along with her holy grail recommendations, Serrano’s reviews don’t pull any punches.

Mireya Rios

Mireya Rios is not afraid to step out of the box. From using deodorant as setting powder to color- changing lipstick, she’s tried it all. If you’re looking to try out a new and innovative product, check to see if Rios has tried it first. You’re guaranteed an in-depth and honest review.

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