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Before Landon Barker's pink hair, Landon Barker had dark hair seen as Landon Barker attends Michael ...

Landon Barker's Pink Hair Is Serving Major MGK Vibes

First a song together and now matching hair — it's giving bestie energy.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Travis Barker’s son is making some bold hair moves. Landon Barker just debuted hot pink hair on Instagram, and it’s totally channeling notoriously pink-haired musician and friend of his dad, Machine Gun Kelly. Barker recently teamed up with MGK on the song “Die in California,” so it makes sense that he might follow in the 32-year-old’s footsteps. TBH, Barker’s pink hair is serving such major MGK energy that he could pass for the Life in Pink star’s little brother. Hopefully, this new look sticks, unlike Barker’s blond era, which was cut short by internet trolls.

Barker’s journey to the pink side became Instagram official on Monday, Sept. 27 via MGK’s nail polish brand UN/DN’s Instagram account. The brand shared an ad for its Party Favor nail polish featuring none other than Barker with his new neon look. In the photo, Barker’s hair appears to be freshly bleached — it’s got that tell-tale feathery texture — and styled in his go-to, punk way with artfully tousled strands covering his face. The color itself is so fluorescent that it probably glows in the dark. Unlike the reaction to Barker’s short stint with blond hair, the response to his new look seems overwhelmingly positive. “Pink is life,” one Instagram user commented on the post. “Laden made the pink challenge[.] hair is fire and nail[s] are legit slaying it,” another shared.

The supportive vibe is definitely a welcome change. On Sept. 14, Barker debuted blond hair on TikTok, but appears to have only kept the color for two days, which is approximately how long it took for trolls on the internet to decide they hated it. “Blonde was not the move,” one person commented. “I love Landon but his new hair is not it,” commented another user who nobody asked. Along with the insults, Barker was inundated with a plethora of commenters begging him to change his hair back. Seriously? It’s giving rude.

Sadly, his haters won that battle. On Sept. 23, Barker posted an Instagram story featuring a return to his dark hair with a caption reading, “POV the internet bullies you into making your hair black again." As a bleach and toner lover, I wish they hadn’t gotten to him.

Currently, Barker’s pink hair hasn’t been made official on his own Instagram or TikTok. It’s anyone’s guess whether that’s because he doesn’t think it will be well received or because, as per his most recent Instagram Stories, Barker currently has a concussion and will be off social media for a while. If Barker does end up keeping the pink hair and stunting as MGK’s twin, I hope people let him have his fun. Internet trolls, leave Barker alone.