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Kourtney Kardashian feeds Megan Fox cherries in a new SKIMS Cotton Collection campaign

Kourt K And Megan Fox Getting ~Close~ In A New SKIMS Ad Has Me Feeling Some Type Of Way

Mommies? Sorry. Mommies?

Donna Trope/SKIMS

If Kim Kardashian is trying to convert the lesbians to loyal SKIMS devotees... it’s working. The reality star released new promotional photos for SKIMS’ Cotton Collection starring Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox, and a repeating siren of “Mommy? Sorry. Mommy?” is still going off in my head. Alongside pictures of Kardashian and Fox modeling the shapewear and lingerie as normal were promo images of the two getting, um, very close. You don’t need me to tell you why I just blacked out and spent $500 on SKIMS.

The stylized SKIMS campaign images, shot by Donna Trope, honestly belong in the MoMA. In order of ascending sexiness, the first of the three major photos shows the two sitting in an off-white, matching bra-and-underwear set, while Kardashian feeds Fox cherries. The second shows the pair in a black underwear set and holding each other close, with only an apple separating them. The third features Kardashian and Fox lying topless side-by-side. I have never wanted to be a piece of fruit more in my life than I do in this moment.

Donna Trope

Let’s just say Kim K knows how to play the pop-culture card in her favor. The internet first descended into chaos when Fox and Kardashian appeared on stage together at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards to announce the performance of their boyfriends and “future baby daddies,” Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker, respectively. Sorry to both MGK and Barker, but after these photos, they are no longer necessary or relevant.

Donna Trope

I suppose I should mention the point of these photos, which is not to ruin my entire life, but instead is to celebrate the SKIMS Cotton Collection. Featuring one of SKIMS’ most popular materials, the fan-favorite collection, which originally had a waitlist of 30,000 fans waiting with bated breath for a restock, is back and bursting with ribbed and jersey silhouettes and colorways that feel as good as they look. This restock brought a few new styles and colors into the mix, too.

Donna Trope

This campaign was also a way to celebrate Kardashian and Fox’s friendship, according to the brand. “I love that SKIMS really understands what women want to wear and that they want to feel sexy, confident and empowered,” said Fox via a press release. “I loved being in this campaign with Kourtney; we had so much fun shooting together.” Naturally, Kardashian echoed the same sentiments: “I had so much fun shooting with Megan for the campaign. SKIMS really is my favorite for my undies, bras, and basics — I think I would say that even if Kim weren’t my sister!”

In the name of friendship, some SKIMS Cotton Collection staples that are back in stock below:

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