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makeup from the new Kim Chi x Trixie Mattel BFF4EVA Makeup Collab

Kim Chi And Trixie Mattel’s BFF4EVR Collection Has Arrived, Hunty

No tea, no shade, no notes.

It’s time to bow down and swear fealty to drag queens Kim Chi and Trixie Mattel. In their infinite wisdom and magnanimity, the pair saw fit to drop a makeup collab on Thursday, July 28, and it is sickening, darlings. The Kim Chi x Trixie Mattel BFF4EVR Collection features six new products, including some innovations that I, in over eight years in the beauty industry, haven’t seen before. Both Kim Chi and Trixie Mattel have their own beauty brands and have been in the makeup game as performers and contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race, so I was expecting the BFF4EVR Collection to be good, but these two queens have delivered something *beyond*. The price point is pretty reasonable, the quality is great, and the vibe, immaculate.

The Kim Chi x Trixie Mattel BFF4EV Collection has been in the works for over a year and a half, though the queens in question have been friends for over a decade. “Kim and I started talking about scheduling out the possibility of starting this project at least a year and a half ago,” Trixie shares with Elite Daily. Together, they crafted a collection of products they themselves would want to wear. There’s glitter and high glam, but also neutral shades for everyday, off-stage life. According to Trixie, offering a range was an important part of the process. “I don't wear all brights every day,” she says. “I feel like when people think Trixie, they think neons, but I wear a lot of neutrals and I just turn it up to 11, you know?”

It’s true that everything in the Kim Chi x Trixie Mattel BFF4EVR Collection, from its glitter-bombed eyeshadow palette to its super-saturated blush duo, is, in fact, turned up to 11. Here are all the details:

Kim Chi Chic Beauty

What is the Kim Chi x Trixie Mattel BFF4EVR Collection?

The Kim Chi x Trixie Mattel BFF4EVR Collection covers almost all of your makeup bases. Color-wise, you’ve got the MVPalette, an eyeshadow palette with 20 shades in neutral matte, neutral shimmer, glitter, colorful shimmer, and colorful matte finishes. The glitters are my favorite because I am unapologetically dramatic and they’re a mess-free way to build up drama. Unlike other glitters that have a lot of fall-out, these stay put. “You can just literally take your finger and apply glitter directly to anywhere you want,” Kim Chi says.

Next up, you’ve got blush and highlighter. You can tell that Kim Chi and Trixie are fans of blush by how lovely the two shades in BRBlush, a finely milled and silky smooth blush duo, are, a fact that they both confirm to Elite Daily. “There was a time when drag queens weren't wearing blush and it was a really dark time,” says Trixie. “Blush to me is a desert island product. I just think it’s very essential.”

Kim Chi Chic Beauty

“There's so much you can do with a blush,” says Kim Chi, who would pick blush over highlighter any day. “Honestly, if I never had to wear a highlight again, I’d be perfectly fine,” she says. That said, WTHighlight, the highlighter duo in the BFF4EVR Collection, is really good. Both shades offer more glimmer than glow, so you’ll look shimmery rather than greasy if you wear them.

Of course, the collection also includes lipsticks. LOLips, the semi-matte lipsticks, and TTYLips, the matte liquid lipsticks, both come in four shades and feature an innovation I haven’t seen before. Each one has a fold-out mirror on the side of the tube, so you don’t have to run to a bathroom or awkwardly use your phone camera to apply or adjust your lipstick. “I think it is something no one has seen before,” says Kim Chi. As a person who’s been around the beauty block more than once, I definitely agree.

Rounding out the collection is the Pink Girl Fan, a gorgeous folding fan that’s perfect for cooling off pipping hot tea or stirring a gentle breeze to blow away one’s haters.

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How much does the Kim Chi x Trixie Mattel BFF4EVR Collection cost?

The MVPalette is the most expensive item in the collection with a $45 price tag. The BRBlush and WTHighlight both cost $16. Both the LOLips and the TTYLips cost $15 each and the Pink Girl Fan will set you back $20. While the prices are higher than what you’d pay for makeup at the drugstore, they’re also not outrageous given the quality of the products, something another RuPaul Drag Race alum previously pointed out.

DeJa Skye immediately name-dropped Kim Chi Chic Beauty as one of her favorite beauty brands, saying “she has a ginormous range of products, she’s a drag artist in the industry, she’s an amazing makeup artist, and the price point is so low for amazing products.”

How do I buy the Kim Chi x Trixie Mattel BFF4EVR Collection?

The Kim Chi x Trixie Mattel BFF4EVR Collection is exclusively available on the Kim Chi Chic Beauty website.