Keys Soulcare Launched Mini Travel Sets Just In Time For Shot Girl Summer

by Kaleigh Fasanella
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Keys Soulcare
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Keys Soulcare just launched its brand-new travel sets, which come with exclusive mini sizes of all its top-sellers — skin care, body care, and more. And well, it’s safe to say you’re going to want them all ahead of your next vacay. Why? Because travel sets are super-convenient and make caring for yourself on the go way more seamless. That, and it sure helps that they’re TSA-friendly, too.

What makes these sets extra special is the fact that they were specifically designed with your skin, body, and soul all in mind. For those who may not know, the brand — founded by Alicia Keys — is about far more than just surface-level skin care. Their mission encourages people to turn caring for their skin into a real ritual that nourishes them from the inside out. Pretty cool, right?

Now, with that said, keep on scrolling to learn more about the coveted new travel kits from Keys Soulcare.

Skin + Soul Starter Set

Self-care rule number one on vacation: Don’t neglect your precious complexion. Luckily, the Skin + Soul Starter Set comes with everything you need to keep your skin healthy and glowing amid all of your exploring and galavanting. You have the Golden Cleanser, which gently wicks away makeup and impurities without stripping the skin; the Harmony Mask, which works to purify and calm irritation; the Skin Transformation Cream, an intensely hydrating moisturizer that soothes and aids in moisture retention; and the Be Luminous Exfoliator, which revitalizes the skin and leaves it looking radiant and smooth.

Some standout ingredients you’ll find in this set include bakuchiol, a plant-based alternative to retinol that helps improve skin tone and texture; manuka honey, which is rich in antioxidants and ultra-hydrating; and hojicha powder, an ancient type of green tea from Japan that acts as a non-stripping exfoliator.

It’s important to remember that skin sometimes acts up while on vacation due to a variety of factors (see: weather changes, lack of sleep, etc.), which is all the more reason to stick to a consistent routine with soothing formulas. The products in this kit are all gentle, calming, and most importantly, effective.

Body + Soul Starter Set

The Body + Soul Starter Set features travel sizes of the brand’s three best-selling products for your bod: the creamy, gel-formulated Renewing Body + Hand Wash, the soothing and glow-giving Sacred Body Oil, and lastly, the ceramide-packed Rich Nourishing Body Cream. When used in tandem, these gentle-yet-powerful formulas leave the skin baby-soft, smooth, and supremely hydrated.

A few standout ingredients from this set include rose of Jericho, a resurrection plant native to Mexico with amazing hydrating properties, as well as shea butter and cocoa butter, both of which are high in essential fatty acids that nourish and moisturize.

Sage + Oat Milk Votive Candle Set

As wholly incredible and exhilarating as traveling is, it can also be pretty damn tiring at times, too, so taking some moments to yourself to relax and indulge in self-care is always a good idea. Drawing a bath and lighting candles from the brand’s new Sage + Oat Milk Votive Candle Set is the perfect way to unwind. Made with hand-poured vegan soy wax, these warm, comforting candles help calm the mind and soul. Sage and oat milk both support positive energy and encourage mindfulness, which is ideal considering the goal is to be as present as possible on vacation.

If you’re planning on traveling this summer, consider making room in your suitcase for one (or all three!) of these sets. Shop them now at

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