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Fans Think They Spotted J.Lo In Her Iconic "Jenny From The Block" Coat

Now that's what I call Y2K fashion.

20 years later, she’s *still* Jenny from the Block. While out and about in Los Angeles on Wednesday, May 5, Jennifer Lopez seemingly brought back a blast from the past. Fans on Twitter are convinced J.Lo rewore her coat from the “Jenny on the Block” music video. The long, white, fringe cardigan in both the 2002 footage and the 2022 photos share a lot of the same details — but is it too good to be true?

I can’t believe fans actually clocked this one. As a longtime lover of “Jenny From the Block,” I would’ve never noticed this. While there are plenty of iconic looks throughout the video, the coat in question is only on screen for few seconds — a total blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment. As the video only goes up to 480p on YouTube, it’s very hard to pick out the details on the coat, especially since the fringe is being blown around by a fan the whole time. Could it really be the same exact coat two decades down the line?

Honestly, it really does seem like it. Even with the low quality and lack of screen time, the fans — like @jlo_no1fan (based on the Twitter handle, they would know, right?) — seem to be on the nose with this one. The long fringe on the inside of the coat, the rolled-up detail on the sleeve, and even the style of knit all look exactly same on the 2002 jacket and the 2022 coverup. Twitter detectives, I’m convinced you’ve done it again.

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Her coat’s not the only thing J.Lo’s recently reprised from the “Jenny From the Block” music video. At the time of the footage was shot in 2002, Bennifer had just started dating, and filming the video together is one of the first things they did together as an official couple. Maybe the resurgence of her “Jenny From the Block” fashion has something to do with her recent second engagement to Ben Affleck. No matter what brought this coat out of the depths of her closet, I’m just amazed she managed to hold on to it for so long.