Here’s The Scoop On Blue Hyaluronic Acid, The Hot New Skin-Care Ingredient To Know

Laneige is a skin-care brand that is a true master of the hydration craft. They’ve put decades of research into studying skin’s moisture mechanisms, and that technology has funneled into their deeply nourishing formulas. You’re probably familiar with their wildly popular Lip Sleeping Mask, which has a cult following and has been a Sephora top seller for years. Well, Laneige wanted to deliver the same moisture-flooding benefits to the entire face, so they developed their latest and most exciting new collection, the Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic collection.

The revamped Water Bank collection is Laneige’s most sophisticated launch to date, with cutting-edge science and truly best-in-class results. Blue Hyaluronic Acid is the new hero ingredient, and it’s much more advanced than your typical HA. Hyaluronic acid is already an impressive molecule — it has the ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water and helps lock all of it into skin. Leave it to Laneige to take that to the next level with their blue version, backed by almost 40 years of research and technology. It’s double fermented with fucoidan (a highly moisturizing agent derived from deep sea algae) and then filtered through a 10-step microfiltration process. The teensy tiny molecules speedily deliver hydration to the skin for effective, amplified moisture that leaves skin feeling happy and glowing.

The Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic collection contains several products for giving skin optimal moisture and that plumped-up, dewy effect thanks to the highly effective Blue Hyaluronic Acid. All of them are dermatologist tested, and you can use them every day, day and night. The line is also great for all skin types: Whether you’re oily, dry, or somewhere in the middle, these products are going to provide your complexion with supreme water-based moisture without ever feeling too greasy or too light.


First up, we’ve got the Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Cream Moisturizer, an airy whip that provides a whopping 100 hours* of long-lasting hydration. In fact, in a study conducted by the brand, skin held 197% more moisture immediately after use. It feels velvety smooth on skin and sinks right in without leaving behind a greasy residue. It also helps strengthen skin’s moisture barrier to help prevent water loss, so moisture stays sealed inside. Prefer a lighter and refreshing texture? The Gel Moisturizer provides powerful hydration benefits in a cooling gel form, perfect for those hotter, stickier months.

*Based on a 4-week clinical study on 30 Asian women ages 22 and 35


The Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Serum is like a quenching glass of water for your face and delivers a fresh, glowy finish the second you smooth it on. Peptides help improve skin’s visible firmness, while high-performance Blue Hyaluronic Acid gives an instant boost in plumping hydration. It’s hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin, so it’s a great option for all skin types. In a Laneige study, hydration improved over 575% within an hour*, and after seven days, 90% of testers agreed the serum made their skin feel smoother.**

*Based on a 1-day clinical study on 32 Asian women ages 21-35

**Based on a 4-week independent consumer study on 40 women ages of 18-35


You have two toners to choose from in this hydration-packed range: the Exfoliating Toner for oily and combination skin types, and the Revitalizing Toner for drier complexions. While both nourishing formulas are infused with the line’s hero ingredient, the Exfoliating Toner also features PHA to help visibly smooth skin texture, while the Revitalizing Toner is chock-full of soothing hydrators like glycerin and panthenol. Regardless of your skin type, these essence-toner hybrids will aid in replenishing your skin, leaving it glowing, hydrated, and visibly smooth.


Infused with caffeine and niacinamide, this ophthalmologically tested eye cream provides intense Blue Hyaluronic level hydration to the delicate eye area, boosts brightness of dark circles, and tamps down the look of puffiness.

If you couldn’t already tell, Laneige firmly believes that water is the essence of healthy skin, and after trying these high-tech products, we wholeheartedly agree. When it comes to moisturizing, dive right in and go with Blue Hyaluronic Acid for your softest, most hydrated skin yet.

Photography by Ted Cavanaugh; art direction by Angela Poccia and Alexis Apollonio; prop styling by Marina Bevilacqua; Senior Director Branded Content: Lexi Novak; production: Panita Chanrasmi-Lefebvre.