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Halsey's about-face beauty brand permanently dropped its prices.

Halsey’s about-face beauty Permanently Dropped Its Prices, So Take All My Money

It’s a forever sale.

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I’m obsessed with Halsey’s about-face beauty brand and, as of Wednesday, April 27, there’s one more reason to love this exciting and experimental brand: It’s lowered its prices — permanently. The brand announced the change via a post on its Instagram feed with a caption written by the "I Am Not a Woman, I'm a God" singer about the shakeup.

While about-face has always been more expensive than most drugstore makeup, it’s never been as pricey as most luxury beauty brands. Its new, lower prices put it just outside of the drugstore beauty aisle. The new price points wouldn’t look out of place at Target and certainly would be considered affordable by Ulta or Sephora standards. As far as has been announced, nothing else about the brand has shifted, which is an incredible sign, IMHO; this isn’t a going-out-of-business sale or an attempt to offload old products.

In fact, as Halsey shared in the announcement’s Instagram caption, business is booming. “If there’s one thing the success of our recent Friends + Family Sale has brought to light, it’s that expressing yourself through makeup should never feel out of reach,” they wrote. “That’s why, as of April 27, about-face will be permanently dropping our prices.⁠”

In an age when it seems like every other celebrity has a new line of makeup or skin care products that they want you to buy, it’s refreshing to hear a mega-star like Halsey openly talk about their meaningful relationship with products they make. It’s even more powerful to hear that they want to share the joy they feel experimenting with makeup with even more customers. The fact that a successful sale made them want to lower prices and make about-face more accessible year-round, rather than more exclusive, made me feel like Hasley not only gets it, but *truly* wants their customers to feel beautiful.

The price drops themselves are no joke either. My all-time favorite about-face products, the Matte Fluid Eye Paints, previously $24, are now $16 each. The Fractal Glitter Eye Paints, another favorite, previously $21, are also now $16. about-face’s dreamy peppermint Light Lock Lip Glosses have dropped from $18 to $13, and the price of the Light Lock Highlight Fluid has been slashed from $32 to $18. Check out more of the updated pricing below.

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