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Hailey Bieber's "Nepo Baby" Tee Was Her Least Dramatic 'Fit This Week

So! Much! Extra!

Hailey Bieber has entered the “nepo baby” chat, and her statement is... controversial. In the weeks since New York magazine’s viral cover story, stars like Kate Hudson have not-so-subtly weighed in on the Great Nepo Baby Debate, but Bieber’s reaction was next-level.

On Friday, Jan. 6, the Rhode skin care founder wore a cropped T-shirt while out and about in Los Angeles. It was plain white, apart from small black text in the center that read, “Nepo Baby.”

Some thought it was a slay; others thought it was corny. Either way, the look caught the internet’s attention. Yet the ‘fit itself was actually Bieber’s *least* dramatic ‘fit in recent days.

Later that same day, the model ditched her basic tee and jeans combo on a date night with husband Justin Bieber. Instead, she wore an oversized gray pinstripe blazer and matching slacks.

Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/Contributor/Getty Images

Hailey’s slouchy look was paired with a plain gray crop top that perfectly coordinated with the musician’s hoodie.

On Saturday, Jan. 7, Hailey leaned into the biker trend, wearing a boxy moto jacket and a pair of slouchy black pants. True to style, she sealed the look with a crop top.

Hollywood To You/Star Max/Contributor/Getty Images

Unlike the previous night, the woman who popularized glazed doughnut nails did not coordinate with her bae. In fact, the “Deserve You” singer’s ensemble paired better with pal Justine Skye’s, with their matching reds and whites.

The Biebers’ most extra looks of the week actually happened ahead of the weekend. On Thursday, Jan. 5, Hailey wore a black leather jacket, baggy white trousers, and a hat that closely resembled a red muppet.

Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/Contributor/Getty Images

Not to be outdone, Justin wore a flannel bucket hat and patchwork pants — both from his brand, Drew House — and, naturally, a large and colorful crochet blanket.

The comfort is real, and the fashion is extra. You really love to see it.

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