Nailed It
Rhinstoned and glitter nails with an updated french manicure style on hands.
These Glitter Nail Ideas Feature A Sparkly Style For Every Type Of Manicure

More sparkle, please!


There’s one thing that always makes everything better, and that's glitter. Add a little sparkle to anything and it just transforms from good to spectacular. I mean, it’s not like anyone’s ever heard of something containing “too much glitter.” When thinking about how to bring more shimmer into your life, there’s a very simple solution: Get a glitter manicure. Now, every time you need a pick me up, you can just wiggle your fingers and watch the light bounce. Instant mood lightener.

Manicures have gone from something you slap on to a full-out art form. There are so many different styles, nail lengths, and even prints you can get that truly go above and beyond just using a singular color on your nails. But while you can go to a salon and go totally and completely over the top with your manicure, there are also plenty of manicures you can create from the comfort of your own home.

While there's never a wrong time to add glitter to your nails, the best time, I think, is definitely ahead of the holidays. With all the parties and celebrating coming up, the constant ambiance of shimmering lights, and the look of falling snow, I’d say you need a little sparkle to fit in. With that in mind, here are some beautiful glitter manicures you need to try out.

Glitter Nails: French Manicure

French manicures have been all the rage lately, and you can change yours up by dousing it in a shimmery polish. The bare nail base gives space to let the sparkling, main event really stand out. However, if you want a sharp contrast between the clear and the glitter polish, you may want to break out some tape to ensure your glitter doesn’t drip over.

Glitter Nails: Ombré Tips

For a more romantic look, you can ombré your glitter nails, and it’s not hard to pull off. You simply start with a nail brush that has a decent amount of glitter polish on it and gently dab that onto the tip of your nail to create a little puddle. Then, clear off your brush and sweep the glitter to the middle of your nail. Top it all off with a clear coat, and you’ve got a beautiful ombré manicure.

Glitter Nails: Filigree, French Tips, And Rhinestone, Oh My

It doesn’t get much fancier than filigree details and a French manicure, so you may want to call up your salon in order to recreate these nails. This look screams opulence, but you don’t need to have some grand soiree lined up to rock them.

Glitter Nails: Galaxy Style

Take your nails to space with an out-of-this-world nail design. It’s vibrant and funkier than the other manicures while still containing a disco ball of shimmer. Beyond just one singular, glimmer nail, you can use a thin brush and white polish to add a sparkle effect to your stars without stealing the spotlight.

Glitter Nails: Stripes

If you’ve fallen in love with a color and are looking for a way to spruce it up, add some stripes. If you really want to level up, add glitter to the stripes. By not having the stripes line up, you end up with a playful look that also doesn’t require a perfectly steady hand.

Glitter Nails: Accentuated Accent Nail

Black nails are a classic, but they can sometimes come off as a little lackluster. Luckily, that can be fixed with some well-placed gems. The offset of such a dark shade against the lighter, brighter sequins makes for an eye-catching moment.

Glitter Nails: Graphic Tips

Try out a graphic look by painting the tips of your nails the same color as your accent nail. Then, to really take your manicure to the next level, you can cap the look off by adding a line of your glittery polish to the mid-tip of your nail.

Your nails will shine brighter than a disco ball with any of these glittery manicures in your repertoire.