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May I Direct Your Attention To These HUGE Fall Nail Trends

Your manis are set.

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Why does indecision always strike the minute you sit down for a manicure? There are always a plethora of options when it comes to getting your nails done, and that number quadruples every day — so much so that it can feel like you’re drowning in an ocean of polishes and nail art ideas when you enter the salon. In an attempt to curb that feeling, Elite Daily tapped some nail experts who are ready to guide you to the trendiest fall nail colors and styles to rock this fall. You won’t be able to look away from your hands after getting one of these manis.

When it comes to fall, nudes, darker shades, and more muted colors often reign supreme to complement the less-than-vibrant skies. You simply can’t go wrong with quintessential fall nail color, like a maroon or a beige. But since this season is still bursting with some brighter colors, you don’t have to ditch the lighter end of the color wheel entirely. In fact, you’d be surprised by how many brighter nail colors are still trending well into fall.

Some of these nail trends definitely work better with the steady hand of a professional, at least if you have shaky hands like me, and fortunately, many nail salons are open and ready for you. However, some designs, like floating French manicures and other graphic looks can easily be achieved at home with some well-placed tape if you’re patient and up for the challenge. Get ready to feel fall’s charm on the tips of your fingers.

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Creative French Manicures

Courtesy of Olive & June

Color-blocked and technicolor French manicures are here to stay but with a new focus on fall. “The multi-color French tips trend will shift to fall hues and nudes,” Hemi Park, a LeChat Nails Educator, tells Elite Daily. “I expect to see lots of darker-toned colors like navy, dark green, and dark teal to be incorporated.” To achieve the ‘70s and ‘90s retro looks that are big right now, Park suggests offsetting your darker shades with a vibrant yellow and fuchsia, which will help you lean into the retro, psychedelic look.

Negative Space Nails

Yes, your natural nails deserve to have some time in the (heavily covered by clouds) sun. This fall, play with negative space nails — particularly with organic, fluid shapes. This variation adds even more waves and playful takes in unique ways to modernize a classic aesthetic like the French manicure. Whether you’re adding nail art details over the negative space, as Sigourney Nunez, OPI North American education manager, suggests or adding waves in totally singular styles like Park highlights, you can’t go wrong.

Checkerboard Nails

Checkerboard nails are totally about to be trending, says Lexi Suga, nail expert and owner of Notox Nails in California, and this look is easy to DIY. “Using a thin liner brush, dip it into your polish, and make a grid along your nail bed,” Suga says. “Then fill every other square with polish along the first row, then fill the opposite along the next row. Repeat, finish with a top coat, and enjoy your new nail look!”

Chrome-Colored Nails

Park’s also noticed an uptick in manicures using chrome shades or iridescent colors to get that glass nail look that's growing more popular. A duo-tone, metallic, sheer, and shimmery nail polish is all you need, although Park says you can get really funky and vibrant with it by applying your sheer chrome polish over a different base color. She recommends LeChat’s Dare to Wear in Unicorn Tears ($12, Amazon) for your fairy-core nails.

Nude Swirl Nails

Courtesy of Lights Lacquer on Instagram

Browns and nudes are always big in fall, but this latest trend truly ups the ante. “Monochromic colors in swirl designs have been a huge hit on natural and enhanced nails,” Park says. She adds that she expects this style will only get more popular and that pastels and Earthy neutrals will make their way into the swirl mix before long.

Lime Green Nails

Don’t say goodbye to bright shades all together. While lime green is not what you think of when you think of fall nails, it pairs so well with the season’s usual mustards and browns that Suga is convinced this color is going to be the next big thing.