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OMG, You Can Buy *Even More* Function Of Beauty Products At Target Now

Same-day pickup? I think so!

Not to sound too “yes, me,” but have you ever felt like your individual beauty needs aren’t being met? And you’re just *too different* for regular, mass-marketed hair care? Then boy, oh boy do I have something fun for you. Function of Beauty is expanding its line at Target, which means you can easily get hair care tailored to your exact needs whether your hair skews straight, curly, or wavy. Function’s products have been available at Target since 2021, but now you can shop even more products from the brand to suit all your hair needs.

In the past, you could take a quiz on Function of Beauty’s website to help determine exactly what you want from your hair. Then, you’d have to wait days for the packages to arrive. But, no more. Now you can seek out even more personalized hair products and try them out that very night by shopping Function of Beauty at Target.

Here’s how it works: You start by picking out a shampoo and conditioner base for straight, wavy, curly, or coily hair. Then you can select up to three boosters that can strengthen, promote anti-frizz, lengthen, volumize, deep condition, shine, color protection, and do even more for your hair. You mix it all together and you’ve got hair care that meets all of your needs without ever happening to pull up your web browser. And if you try a combo and aren’t convinced, here are thousands more combinations you can try until you achieve the hair of your dreams.

Courtesy of Target

The best part of this latest collaboration is that you can get your new hair routine for less $30. Each shampoo and conditioner is priced at $10 and you can snag each booster for only $3. But there are even more products Function of Beauty is offering at Target to really take your hair to red carpet levels. For each hair texture, you can get a Hair Mask Base for $10. There are also a Leave-in Milk Mist ($10, Target) for straight hair and a Leave-in Treatment Base ($10, Target) for wavy hair.

To shop all of the expanded Function of Beauty’s goodies at Target, here are some of the vast selection of products available at your favorite discount store.

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