Frankie Grande keeps his skin looking clear and healthy with a surprisingly simple skin care routine

Frankie Grande's Family Beauty "Secret" Is A $7 Product You 100% Have In Your Bathroom

Here are all the deets on how he gets his glow.

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Gary Bogdon/Aesthetic Biomedical

Frankie Grande never stops. The multi-hyphenate star is still bubbling with adrenaline when he hops onto our video interview — just moments after hopping off the stage at the Perspectives: The Evolution Of Aesthetics, a symposium hosted by Aesthetic Biomedical about the latest beauty and skin care trends. Grande’s outfit — a colorful Versace denim suit that only he could pull off — matches his energy: exuberant. His makeup, a dreamy sunset-colored eyeshadow look with a glossy lip, is so impressive that I can’t help but wonder out loud about if he has any plans to start his own makeup line. “I recently worked on a pride kit with MoxieLash, which are magnetic false lashes,” he tells me. “But a makeup line would be fun to do one day.”

A quick scroll through his Instagram makes it clear the 38-year-old treats skin care, and beauty in general, as top priorities. Heavily sprinkled between photos of his sister and fiancé are selfies with glowing skin and technicolor shimmer eyeshadow. Surprisingly, though, his skin care routine is much simpler than I’d imagined—and it starts right after he gets his morning matcha. “I usually start my day off with coffee, but during the pandemic, I started drinking matcha because there was nowhere to go and I didn't need a pick-me-up,” he says. “Matcha is just better for my body and my digestive system.”

Once he downs a matcha and brushes his teeth, it’s skin time. Below, read on for a deeper dive into Grande’s easy skin care routine, his four-step beauty process to keep his skin glowing, and the $7 family beauty “secret” you probably have in your bathroom right now.


Elite Daily: Your skin looks fantastic. What’s the most recent facial you’ve gotten?

Frankie Grande: I’ve recently tried the Vivace Experience, a skin care treatment by Aesthetics Biomedical. It's a micro-needling treatment, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Not to mention, I saw results instantaneously.

ED: I heard that micro-needling is a great treatment to rejuvenate your skin. How would you describe your skin on the norm?

FG: Combination. I get seasonal acne; as soon as the season changes, my skin decides to tell me that I'm 14 years old. I have to combat that every four months. I just need to keep it hydrated and moisturized, and it'll do what I tell it to do. It's pretty well behaved.

ED: Speaking of breakouts, what are your go-to products to combat them?

FG: I like to use products with salicylic acid because they help to remove the oils from the area immediately, and I find that it really helps. After that, I use an oil-free moisturizer so that I'm still taking care of my skin, but I'm not adding extra oils that could potentially cause further breakouts.

ED: So, tell me: What does your skin care routine look like? Are you a minimalist or do you have multiple steps?

FG: In the morning, I start with a cleanser and [exfoliant]. Then, I follow up with a thick moisturizer before finishing with sunscreen. So, I guess I’m somewhere in between.

In the evening, [I use] a cleanser and [exfoliant]. I’ll follow that up with a very light and oil-free moisturizer to sleep in so that it's not clogging my pores overnight.

ED: You sound like you have a well-thought-out skin care plan. Do you ever incorporate any family beauty secrets? And if so, what are they?

FG: Yes! Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes ($7, Target), which my mother has been using forever. These really are the best face wipes to take off my makeup because they take everything off so well. They're fantastic.

ED: Amazing! What can fans expect next from you?

FG: Oh my goodness, expect the unexpected! I'm currently working on the Nickelodeon SpongeBob BingePants podcast, so look out for that coming soon. I’ll also be in a movie coming to a screen near you very soon. Definitely follow me on social media @frankiejgrande for more Frankie news.

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