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An image of PUMA and Dunkin's GV and Triple Basketball sneakers for Iced Coffee Day.

I Need To Get My Hands On (Or Feet In) Dunkin's "Iced Coffee Day" Sneakers

America runs on Dunkin’ and PUMA.

Courtesy of PUMA

Coffee is everything to me. From waking up, going to work, or taking a stroll around the neighborhood, there’s no better companion or accessory for any of those activities like a cup of coffee. Especially when you’re about to go for or are just finishing a run. That’s why there’s nothing but genius behind PUMA’s new collaboration with Dunkin’. With two new sneakers dropping in a color wheel that’ll have you craving your favorite doughnut, the coffee brand’s catchphrase “America runs on Dunkin” has never been more fitting.

For this launch, there are two different, classic styles of PUMA sneakers available. There’s the classic GV shoe, which has a tennis sneaker silhouette. Rather than the white you’ve come to expect on the court, this iced coffee iteration has bright pink and orange waves going across it and matching laces. But, the vibrancy party doesn’t end there. The inside is hot pink that just peeks out and the sole orange, so every step you take really pops. There are even two cute images of ice coffee decorating the back of the heels.

The other option is the Triple Basketball sneaker. Each one is made with a rubber outsole to give you maximum traction (great for both a basketball court as well as a rainy day) and a super soft midsole for comfort all throughout your day. They also have Dunkin’s signature pink and orange colors, but in a bolder, swooping designs. And, on the heels, are two adorable doughnuts. Both of PUMA and Dunkin’s sneakers are priced between $80 and $90.

Courtesy of PUMA
Courtesy of PUMA

And, what better time for this new collaboration drop than Dunkin’s “Iced Coffee Day” on Wednesday, May 25 at 12 a.m. ET? I can’t think of one. To celebrate the day, a dollar from every iced coffee purchased at Dunkin’ throughout the U.S. will be donated to Dunkin’s Joy in Childhood Foundation to help hospitalized children nationwide. So, it’s a pretty *sweet* deal in more ways than one.