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Demi Lovato's New Piercing Is As Hardcore As Can Be

Welcome to Demi’s punk phase.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Demi Lovato is walking into 2022 with “no pain, no gains” as their motto. Either that, or they don’t have a fear of short-term pain. Just mere days after having a needle vibrating against their skull to show off a spider tattoo, Demi Lovato got an industrial piercing — the most painful piercing anyone could get. The tattoo alone creates enough soreness to put anyone on the bench for some time, but no, the Camp Rock star hopped right back into the chair for a debut piercing.

Daniel Ruiz, who’s not only Lovato’s typical piercer but has also worked with Addison Rae, Normani, and Charli D’Amelio, shared a video of the “Heart Attack” singer showing off their new industrial piercing on Jan. 11. The silver bar reaches across the top of their ear and has big barbells on each of the ends, which really adds to the hardcore, punk vibe Lovato seems to be going for. Sadly, they wore a beanie, so their new, realistic spider tattoo remained hidden.

My years of watching Ink Master have taught me that head tattoos are no cakewalk in the pain department, but industrial piercings, with all of their bold and badass energy, aren’t sunshine and roses either. According to Vicki Rose, a New York City-based piercer, it’s the most painful piercing you can get. The bar used for industrial piercings requires a thicker gauge, which puts more pressure on the cartilage. Unfortunately, that’s not where the discomfort ends.

Industrial piercings can require months to heal. “The longest healing ear piercing is going to be an industrial because it is two piercings connected with one piece of jewelry,” Rose previously told Elite Daily. “Anytime the jewelry is accidentally hit, both of the piercing sites will have some trauma.”

Put that next to a head tattoo and I don’t think they make pillows comfortable enough to sleep on the right side of her head for at least the next month. At least Lovato shaved half of their head, so they won’t be untangling hair from the sensitive spot.