Halloween costume ideas for the cottagecore aesthetic include long, flowy dresses and lots of floral...

These Cottagecore Halloween Costumes Will Transport You To The English Countryside

They’re *almost* as good as running through a flower field.

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If you look up the definition of cottagecore online, you’ll read something along the lines of cottagecore being a rapidly accelerating trend with roots in pastoral literature and that embraces the simplicity of an idealized, rural life. But you really have to see examples of the cottagecore aesthetic to understand it. And once you do, there’s no turning back, because it’s the light, flowy, and airy settings and motifs that really whisk you into another world. Think: running through an expansive field of wildflowers on the sunny English countryside without a care in the world. If this vibe resonates with you, these five cottagecore Halloween costume ideas will give you some serious inspiration for taking your cottagecore outfits to the next level.

Leaning into cottagecore is a great way to escape the monotony of everyday life. OG lovers of the aesthetic will remember the cottagecore images that flooded Tumblr in the early 2010s. And now, a similar wave of idealistic images and videos heralding the aesthetic in a wide variety of ways has inundated the #cottagecore hashtag on TikTok. Whether you want to go the whimsical princess cottagecore route, the floral cottagecore route, the fairycore route, or any other simple, earthy interpretation you can think of, the vibes of your cottagecore Halloween costume will be immaculate.

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1. Taylor Swift in the “Cardigan” music video


Nothing screams cottagecore quite like Taylor Swift in her iconic “Cardigan” music videoo. From the whimsical forest settings to which Swift travels to the airy nightgown she wears, every shot is ethereal and makes you feel like you’ve entered another magical dimension. For this look, grab a white, sleeveless nightgown and pin up two pigtail braids with bobby pins. If you really want to sell it, carry around a cardigan and wrap it around you if you get chilly.

2. The Little Women girls

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Whether you want to roundup your three best friends for a group costume or go at this one alone, there are so many different variations you can take on this look. Luckily cottage core is trending, so there are plenty of puff-sleeved floral ruched dresses available online right now to choose from. Pair your dress with a wicker basket, a leather book, and a straw hat to look like you just stepped off set from Greta Gerwig’s dream world.

3. A cottagecore fairy

If you never got over your childhood obsession with Lord of the Rings, this take on the cottagecore aesthetic is for you. Because this look hinges less on fashion, you can essentially wear whatever you feel best in (but think: pale colors, florals, linen fabric, and a loose fit). Then, just pair your look with elf ears. Dab some glitter on your cheeks and tuck some flowers in your hair to assume your rightful persona as a fairy on the rolling hills of the countryside.

4. The Princess Bride

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This iconic movie costume is perfect if you have a date or if you’re going out alone on Halloween. You can choose from a red dress or the stunningly intricate white bridal dress, which is easy to replicate using a white puff- or bell-sleeved dress that you can wear again after Halloween is over. Grab a crown for under $20 on Amazon to complete the look, all your cottagecore Princess Buttercup fantasies will come true.

5. Moonrise Kingdom

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Some consider Wes Anderson movies the original cottagecore settings — tons are set in a euphoric, dreamy world with unforgettable characters. Channel your inner Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom by throwing on a pale pink, collared dress and knee-high socks, picking some wildflowers, and over-lining your eyes with black eyeliner.