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Where to buy Coors Light nail polish in collab with Le Chat that changes colors.

Where To Buy Coors Light Nail Polish That Changes Colors In The Cold

It’s honestly wild.

by Collette Reitz
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Courtesy of Coors Light
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Your next happy hour is also gonna be the best time to show off some manicure magic. On Nov. 15, Coors Light launched a nail polish (yes, a nail polish) in collaboration with Le Chat, and the surprises don’t end there. The beer brand says the nail lacquer in question will change colors when you’re holding a frosty pint of beer, similar to how the mountains on a Coors Light can turn blue when it’s cold enough to drink. If you’re 21 or older and intrigued by this color-changing polish, here’s where you can buy Coors Light nail polish to make your next mani anything but basic.

Once you get past the fact that your go-to tailgate beer brand is dabbling in beauty products, you may want to try it out. According to Coors Light, when you first paint on the Chill Polish, your nails will be a light gray color. After it dries, you’re supposed to wrap your hands around a chilled glass filled with what I guess the company would prefer is Coors Light, but you can probably try it with any cold drink. Then, if your drink is cold enough, your nails will turn a light blue color à la the mountains on the cans of Coors Light, signaling it’s time to take a swig. I was able to try a sample of the polish and it actually works (more on that later).

It’s not clear exactly how the Coors Light nail polish changes colors in different temperatures, but the brand hinted at what might be behind it. “We’ve brought our cold-activated technology to nail polish to ensure your pint of beer is just the right temp for drinking,” Marcelo Pascoa, vice president of marketing for the Coors family of brands, said in a press release shared with Elite Daily.

Where To Buy Coors Light Nail Polish

To test out the “cold-activated technology,” you’ve gotta pick up a bottle. You can only score the color-changing nail polish on the Coors Light website, where it launched on Tuesday, Nov. 15. The brand will release new bottles of the Le Chat polish every Tuesday through Dec. 13, so mark your calendars for Nov. 22, Nov. 29, Dec. 6, and Dec. 13 to make sure you have a chance to buy a $7 bottle of the magic polish.

How To Win Coors Light Nail Polish

You can also test your luck by entering a giveaway from the brand. Ten winners will get a bottle of Chill Polish (and a Coors Light 16-ounce pint glass to help test your nail polish, of course). Enter by filling out this form before 11:59 p.m. CT on Dec. 15, and the brand will conduct a random drawing on Dec. 16.

Does Coors Light Color-Changing Nail Polish Work?

I was able to get a sample of the polish, and it actually works. Well, it changes colors. I’m not sure if it fully lives up to the exact color-changing process the brand promises, but it does appear as different hues in different temperatures. For me, the nail polish always had a slight blue hue, but I have a hunch the ambient temperature of my apartment made the nail polish appear less than gray. The cold-glass testing method also wasn’t 100% successful for me, but when I washed dishes with very hot water, the nail polish noticeably changed to a lighter gray color.

Courtesy of Coors Light

Overall, the nail polish color changes when exposed to different temps, and it was pretty cool to see (no pun intended). It’s probably not a must-buy for your go-to mani collection, but for $7, it’s a fun one to add to your stockpile.

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