Cher from Clueless is the ideal Halloween costume inspiration
7 Adorable Clueless Halloween Costumes Straight From The Movie

Cher is literally quaking.

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When choosing your Halloween costume, why not go as a character from a move with some of the most confident and stylish characters to ever hit the silver screen? Clueless is rife with sassy remarks, great fashion, and a killer soundtrack. There are so many looks you’ll want to recreate that are a far cry from fashion victim, so you’ll do well to try out one of these Clueless costumes for Halloween.

Clueless made history when it became the first-ever movie to have a female voice-over. Ever since its release, the ‘90s adaption of Jane Austen’s Emma has been a cult-classic beloved by everyone who’s seen it. Not to mention, the valley girl slang is everything. I mean, just writing about it now makes me want to rewatch Clueless stat.

Between the mini skirts, plaid moments, and designer dresses, Cher’s and Dionne’s fashion senses are more than just classic ‘90s looks. In fact, you should probably just start dressing like a Clueless character every day. Yes, that’s a tall order, but you can ease into it by dressing in your favorite Clueless look for Halloween. Below, find the Clueless Halloween costumes that you definitely won’t be looking like a full-on Monet in.

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Halloween Costumes’ Cher Costume ($70, Halloween Costumes) will give you Cher’s iconic opening look, and you don’t even need an outfit generator to look this good. By choosing this iconic yellow plaid outfit, everyone will know which Beverly Hills It Girl you are.


When you realize something as groundbreaking as “I love Josh,” you need a killer look. With iCollection’s Chiffon Shirt ($34, Macy’s); Fashion Nova’s Sweater Vest ($9, Fashion Nova); and Rue21’s Argyle Skirt ($17, Rue21), you’ll look as romantic as Cher does when the fountains go off.


Let’s be real: Everyone loves Dionne (and her outfit serves) the most. To match Cher’s yellow plaid ‘fit, this Black Plaid Costume ($75, Miccostumes) is a picture-perfect image of Dionne’s ‘fit. It even comes with a version of her eye-catching hat.


You can snag a Cher-approved cropped sweater vest, plaid skirt, white button-down, and beret with Spicy Lingerie’s Clueless Costume ($57, Spicy Lingerie). It’s a sexy take on the shopaholic's style, and TBH, you’ll probably want to rewear these pieces over and over again.


Rainbow’s Bodycon Dress ($6, Rainbow) is an ideal Halloween dress if Calvin Klein has any say in the matter. All you need is Enoki’s Sheer Jacket ($19, YesStyle) to be perfectly dolled up for the club on Halloween night. Maybe even steal some of Cher’s dance moves.


If you’re looking for comfort, try Cher’s P.E. outfit. Although you won’t have to deal with any balls flying at your face (hopefully), you can get the tennis-ready look with Romwe’s Biker Shorts ($5, Romwe); ASOS’ Fitted T-Shirt ($9, ASOS); and Cotton On’s Ash Crop Top ($15, Cotton On).

Everyone’s going to be totally buggin’ over your Halloween costume.