Fashion Week guest wearing a cute, cheap, and comfy summer clog.
Summer Clogs Are The Shoes Bringing You Maximal Comfort This Season

Here are 15 pairs that are cute, cheap, and ready for the summer heat.

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Get ready for a clomp-heavy season, because summer clogs are trending for the upcoming hot months. The big-platformed slip-ons are a blast from the ‘70s past, but you don’t have to be a flower child to rock the look. These days, you can get the classic wooden heels, funky plastic styles, or some super comfortable staples you’re going to want to wear all year long.

Clogs have been on the fashion up-and-up for a while now. Although the shoes has been a staple in moms’ closets for decades, they didn’t reach their status as fashionable until Christopher Kane brought them to Balenciaga for its spring 2018 runway. Ever since the debut of the high fashion brand’s super platformed Crocs, clogs have been one of the trendiest shoes out there.

There’s no doubt that you’ll love owning a pair of clogs in summer. They’re easy to throw on or take off when you go to the beach, and when you’re spending a whole day on your feet, they promise to be comfy and are airy enough that even the sweatiest of feet will find reprieve from slipping and sliding. Now, you just have to find your favorite style of summer clogs — and that’s where we come in. Below, we’ve curated a list of cute and cheap summer clogs to welcome you to the new season with open arms (and comfy feet).

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Summer Clogs In Subtle Lilac

Everyone loves a little platform, and Nasty Gal’s Clog Mules offer 2.5 inches of height with a tread that withstands even the rainiest of days. Since they come in such a soft lilac color, you’ll love pairing these shoes with any of your pastel summer looks.


Comfort Summer Clogs

The molded footbed of Urban Outfitter’s Clogs is as comfortable as you can get. You’ll never want to take them off. Built like slippers, you may want to snag a pair to keep at your house and another to wear while running errands, going to dinner, or taking on the beach.


Summer Clogs For Wide-Spread Feet

If you have wide spread toes, some clogs can be really tight and cause blisters between your little piggies. Avia’s Slip Resistance Clogs are designed to keep that from happening. They have plenty of toe space and a cradle-like design to match your arches, no matter their height.


Summer Clogs With No Slip

In summer, the foot sweat is especially real and makes your feet move all around in your shoes. In other words, you’re going to get blisters out the wazoo. But Aqua EVA Clogs have heel support, so there’ll be no slipping or sliding around in these shoes.


Party Clogs For A Night Out

Finally, you don’t have to pick between accessorizing your shoes with tassels or chains. You can rock them both with Circus NY’s Clog. These faux leather clogs have the pomp and fun details to elevate them all the way to a five-star dinner date, if you can get the reservation.


Animal Print Clogs

When it comes to clog silhouettes, it doesn’t get more classic than Time and Tru’s Clog. The buckle, molded footbed, and faux suede could all be ripped right from my childhood. However, the leopard print is just the update any retro footwear needs, so you’ll feel plenty modern.


Peep-Toe Summer Clogs

Show off your summer pedicures with Breigh’s Boutique Leather Sole. The peep-toed moment is everyone’s summer favorite look, and you don’t lose the look and feel of the clogs you know and love.


Summer Clogs Featuring Cutouts

Break out of the clog mold with Ali Express’ Thick Soled Clogs. The cutouts on these shoes are more than just a way to let your feet breathe. The asymmetrical style is funky and unexpected giving them a retro-futuristic feel.


Summer Camp Clogs

Trends come and go, but tie-dye is a summer favorite that’ll never lose its popularity. For those like me, the brighter is also the better, which makes Deer Stag’s Clog Sandals all the more drool-worthy. Just about the entire rainbow is on display with these soft clogs.


Fuzzy Clogs

It doesn’t get any cozier than Reaction Kenneth Cole’s Slingback Clog. There’s faux fur decorating the top and sole to ensure your foot is as wrapped up in as much fuzzy goodness as possible. There’s also an open toe, so there’s plenty of chances to catch a breeze.


Neon Summer Clogs

For the bold and the brash, SHEIN’s Vented Clogs are coming for your wallet. They’ve got a massive platform, ridges and holes, and come in an acid, neon green that’ll have people stopping on the street to ask you were you got these shoes.


Summer Clogs With Shearling

Shearling lovers, assemble, because Nicole Miller’s Benson Clog have a divine shearling interior that will make every step feel like heaven. Since this lining airs on the warmer side, it means you can rock these easy, slip-ons well into fall.


Simple Summer Clogs

Skecher’s Foamies Clogs are as straightforward as you can get. They have all the durability and comfort Skecher’s always ensures, but what really knocks these shoes out of the park is that they’re machine washable. No stress about smelly summer clogs with these on your shoe rack.


Heeled Clogs For Everyday Wear

When it comes to a summer shoe I’m going to wear for years on end, I love a shoe that’ll mold to my foot with wear and have some amount give, so the more you wear it, the more comfortable it gets. LightintheBox’s Vintage Clogs are made with canvas to give your toes wiggle room and the flat sole is made to wear for as long as you choose.


Quilted Summer Clogs

A way to change-up your standard clog look, try ASOS’ Quilted Clogs. The sewn pattern gives them a puffer, padded look. They’ve also got chunky, gold chains to really bring a fancy edge to clogs you’d be happy relaxing in.