'Bridgerton' fashion looks worn by Simone Ashley and Adjoa Andoh in Bridgerton, Season 2.
12 Bridgerton-Inspired ‘Fits You Can Wear For Ramadan

Celebrate the lunar month as the diamond of the season.

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While Bridgerton viewers held their breath to see whether Anthony Bridgerton would go through with his wedding to Edwina Sharma in Season 2, Episode 6, “The Choice,” I was visually inhaling the dresses worn by the wedding guests and brainstorming how to work one of the Bridgerton styles into my own Ramadan 2022 wardrobe. The dazzling dresses from Bridgerton Season 2 served elegance, embellishment, and most importantly, modesty, offering a refreshing respite from typical Ramadan occasion wear.

While many women spend their time at home focusing on prayer and spirituality during Ramadan, others keep a packed social calendar, much like the queen’s chosen diamond, with dinner parties and formal commitments that require a closet with plenty of options. Some retailers call this season the “Ramadan Rush,” as they see an increase of Muslim shoppers seeking new modest designs for these frequent gatherings.

Too often, brands fall back on traditional Middle Eastern silhouettes when creating styles for Ramadan; think floaty kaftans, abaya-inspired capes, and roomy coordinating sets. While these garments might reflect traditional Arabian style aesthetics, they can get monotonous. Bejeweled, tent-like kaftans are simply not going to cut it for everyone. That’s where Regency era fashion from Season 2 of Bridgerton comes in.

Bridgerton fashion offers elegant and decadent alternatives for Ramadan 2022. The show’s long, sumptuous dresses filled with floral motifs and intricate beadwork offer exquisite solutions for women who seek modest fashions, especially because occasion- and evening wear are retail categories that have been historically challenging to shop for and sift through.

“Whether it be a slit, deep V, cutout, or open back, there is almost always one element of a mainstream evening gown that makes it inaccessible to the modest consumer,” says Liza Sakhaie, founder of modest fashion platform The Reflective. “Bridgerton sheds light on a different side of evening wear. Although the dresses might not bare so much skin, it's their elegance and femininity that draw attention to suitors on screen and earns the admiration of viewers off screen.”

“What makes Bridgerton style so iconic is its femininity and romanticism,” Sakhaie adds. “Soft pastels, empire-waist gowns, corsets, collars, and florals all make a comeback, and we’re seeing this style begin to penetrate the fashion industry.”

Ramadan fashion often strikes a beautiful balance between femininity and glamour, much like the show’s main characters exude through their clothing on screen. In Episode 6, Kate’s minimalist lilac gown was the perfect pastel tone for summer, while Penelope’s lemon-shaded gown — a refreshing change from her usually loud shades of yellow — invoked youthful optimism. Even the queen’s embellished crystal and pearl-adorned bodice could inspire a one-of-a-kind outfit for Eid, the festive holiday that wraps up the month of Ramadan. Anyone seeking a suitable marriage between coverage and eye-catching aesthetics while planning outfits for intimate iftar (an evening meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast) or swanky suhoor (a meal consumed the morning before fasting) festivities is bound to have a ball with ‘fits inspired by these dreamy dresses.

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Lady Featherington Florals

Replace the show’s plunging necklines with the shirred bust style that has gained traction in fashion and offers slightly more coverage in a classically Bridgerton floral print.


Eloise’s Minty Hues

Voluminous dresses that marry modesty with regal textures are ideal for Ramadan gatherings. Draw inspiration from Eloise’s wardrobe of pistachio tones, and opt for a higher midi-length for a more contemporary take on her style.


Edwina Sharma’s Pretty in Pink

Featuring embellished bodices and floral appliques, Frock and Frill has lace and floral dresses in glorious pastel hues, including the salmon pink shade that Edwina Sharma so often opts for. Plus, the floor-length designs are fully lined – a saving grace in the eyes of modesty-conscious shoppers. For a daytime look, opt for a plain pink dress with tiers and puff sleeves.


Penelope Featherington’s Puff Sleeves In Yellow

Selkie’s size-inclusive range of cottagecore dresses feature subtle watercolor patterns, and are available in both short and longer hemlines. This one looks like it was plucked right out of Penelope’s closet, and would make a lovely look for a dinner host this Ramadan.


Penelope Featherington’s Puff Sleeves In Pink

Another puff sleeve number at a more affordable price point, this cotton dress from H&M is decorated with a punchy floral print worthy of a Featherington.


Eloise’s Regency Tomboy Aesthetic

Eloise Bridgerton’s bookish personality and disdain for frou-frou social events give her a personal style that has just a touch of tomboy attitude. If she were here today, I think she would click Add To Cart on this sky-blue Sister Jane dress that I would personally live in all of Ramadan.


Kate Sharma’s Night Shift

Even some of the more intimate outfits on Bridgerton could inspire modest fashion ‘fits. Kate’s white embroidered nightgown in Episode 4, for instance, gives off refined-Bohemian vibes.


Regency Nightie-Inspired Prairie Dress

Versions of Bridgerton’s decadent nightgowns can be found in mainstream eyelet prairie dresses with a range of hemlines and necklines for the ultimate daytime look that embodies comfort and pureness, elements we strive toward in Ramadan.


Queen Charlotte Ballgown

If you’re like me, you might be just a bit obsessed with that delicate tulle neck lining that Mary Sharma favors on her dresses. You can find similar accents on a dreamy white organza design from Dream Sister Jane, aptly named the “Queen Bee Maxi Dress.” White, ever-reminiscent of simplicity and spirituality, gets a fancy upgrade in this particular design.


Kate Sharma-Inspired Cropped Blazer

Kate Sharma spent a good deal of Bridgerton Season 2 serving looks in a well-tailored cropped blazer. As an addition to a modest wardrobe, a cropped blazer functions as a more elevated version of the shrugs that modest fashion shoppers are all too familiar with. This one from Zara, available in a slew of colors, can give a bit of an edge to an otherwise feminine look and add more coverage to a sleeveless or short-sleeved design.


Lady Bridgerton’s Embroidered Collars

If layering garments isn’t your thing, level up with a detachable collar — ASOS has plenty! — for a look that’s modest and eclectic. Bib designs can be worn under a low neckline while tie-on collars with frills and embellishments offer a more visually decadent option.


Eloise’s High Neckline Hack

A style element rather common among Bridgerton’s costumes is the low neckline. Great for highlighting heaving bosoms, but not so great if you're looking to keep your style modest. You can recreate Eloise’s decidedly more modest style by layering a high-necked blouse, perhaps with Victorian-style frills or a pussy bow, underneath.

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Liza Sakhaie, founder of modest fashion platform The Reflective

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