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Billie Eilish’s Secret Red Hair Will Make You Do A Double Take

No, I’m not joking.

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Billie Eilish has had many looks in her short career. She first grew to fame with her iconic green-and-black hair before pivoting to blonde and then moving on to brunette. But, there’s another shade she played with last year that her fans never even knew about, and the admission has sent shockwaves across the internet. The singer revealed on her Instagram that for just one week in November 2021, Eilish dyed her hair red.

In celebration of 2022, the Gen Z icon shared an Instagram story on Monday, Jan. 3, titled “Name a date, any date.” Fans could respond with a date, and Eilish promised to share what she did on that given day. While most of her days involved some glamorous BTS shots or just Eilish relaxing, there was one surprise no one saw coming. When a user asked about Nov. 22, 2021, Eilish shared a picture of her in a salon chair with orangey, red hair. “Took the blonde out and went red for a week,” she wrote on the picture. When another fan asked for Nov. 23, she showed off the finished effect: a dark, gingery shade.

Eilish wasn’t the only celeb to take on the coppery hue in 2021. Barbie Ferreira, Saweetie, and Florence Pugh all rocked differing variations of red, but, for Eilish, it wasn’t a match made in heaven. By Dec. 2, the “Bad Guy” singer revealed a new, chocolate brunette color, and this time she didn’t keep the color a secret from anyone.

Courtesy of Billie Eilish / Instagram
Courtesy of Billie Eilish / Instagram

Eilish is no stranger to changing her hair on the down-low. In March 2021, she revealed that she’d been hiding platinum blonde hair under her then-green root and black-haired wig for weeks. While she currently seems to playing around and enjoying being a brunette, who knows what the 20-year-old has going on behind the scenes hair-wise. One thing’s for sure, Eilish won’t keep any hairdo for too long. Maybe her red was just a test run and there are more copper tones to come.