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Billie Eilish wears a black asymmetrical dress with flatform shoes on the Grammys 2022 red carpet.

Billie Eilish Is Giving Head Witch In Charge At The Grammys

Meet your new Supreme.


Billie Eilish has been serving goth looks this awards season and her ‘fit on the Grammys red carpet was no exception. Nominated for seven awards this year, the pop superstar stuck to the voluminous silhouette she favored at the Oscars, but the similarities end there. Eilish’s Grammys red carpet look is short, asymmetrical, and quite casually accessorized with Spinelli Kilcollin jewelry. Oh, and it’s all black. In other words, it’s signature Billie.

While Eilish went for goth queen glamour at the Oscars, she seemed to favor a younger, more punk vibe for the Grammys. Her ensemble, designed by Rick Owens, was plucked off the Fall Ready-to-Wear 2021 runway. Her stylist, Andrew Mukamal, didn’t stray far from the runway version of the look and kept things edgy. It’s giving Little Black Riding Hood and I’m more than a little obsessed. While a full-on gown is nothing to scoff at, it’s refreshing to see celebs mix things up and give a fresh take on red carpet glam. Eilish’s glam was also toned down and subtle. She kept things simple with a nude lip and a little bit of blush-draping.

Between the “flatforms,” minimal accessories, and sunglasses, Eilish is serving up a look I certainly haven’t seen on the red carpet before. It isn’t without wow factor, though. The cape is serving up quite a lot of look between the draping, the architectural shoulders, and the asymmetrical hemline. Eilish is giving us fashion the same way she gives us music: on her terms.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

It’s perfectly possible that Eilish is saving an impactful fashion and beauty look for later on and that her red carpet style is just a sneak peek of what’s to come. In addition to being nominated for all the awards (well, seven of them), Eilish is set to perform tonight. There’s a chance she might turn out with an exciting look as she’s been known to do in the past, but even if she stays true to her oversized silhouettes, I’ve got zero complaints.

I genuinely adore how true this young artist stays to her aesthetic. Society expects a lot from young women, especially young women in the spotlight, and I wish I had the nerve to be myself as much as Billie Eilish is always herself, even on the red carpet at the biggest music awards of the year. Her all-black-everything on the red carpet really does make me happier than ever.