The 12 Best Sunglasses For Square Faces

Complement that incredible jawline.

by Andrea Gale
Elite Daily / Amazon
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If you have a square-shaped face, conventional wisdom recommends choosing a pair of sunglasses with rounded lines to provide a balancing counterpoint to your defined bone structure, but don’t let that advice limit you — whether oversized or petite, trendy or classic, the best sunglasses for square faces highlight your facial features and channel your aesthetic preference, whatever that might be.

How To Shop For The Best Sunglasses For Square Faces

Generally speaking, the strong lines of a square-shaped face are complemented by frames with softer, rounded lines, but this advice can be applied to any style of sunglasses. For example, the softened angles of a rounded cat-eye will offer lift, while a pair of sunnies in a skinny, rimless silhouette will juxtapose your naturally strong bone structure (lucky you). Classic aviators always look great on square faces, too, since they strike a nice balance between structured and rounded. The eye loves variety, and the delicacy of wire-rimmed and semi-rimless frames are a great way to achieve that. But your face shape can accommodate some chunky, statement-making frames, too — Kurt Cobain had a square face, and who could forget his iconic, chunky white oval sunnies? That said, if you love a pair of square-framed sunglasses, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy them; just consider a square frame with curved edges for a hint of softness.

And since your sunnies should be just as functional as they are stylish, all the styles on this list feature UV400 protection. Most also have polarized lenses to block out horizontal glare.

Whether your vibe is glam or grungy, the best sunglasses for square faces will complement your facial features beautifully.

This Pair Of Square Sunglasses With Rounded Edges

The rounded edges of these square sunglasses soften up what would otherwise be a strong silhouette, so you can take advantage of the style while still contrasting your face shape. Delicate metal rims in a subtle, classic tortoiseshell pattern add the perfect amount of pop, and reviewers love how lightweight they feel.

Rave review: “These are great. Truly, I am like a lot of these reviewers where I have the HARDEST time finding glasses that aren’t too big on my face, they aren’t ‘small’ either. They really are just right. Everyone is different, I know, but I feel like these would look good on any frame of face. They are my all time favorite pair I’ve ever owned. Cheap, lightweight, super cute, great tint on the lenses! I got the gold frame with the spotted around the black lenses. They really are perfect!”

  • Available colors: 5
A Pair Of Classic Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses

Every sunglass collection needs at least one pair of Ray-Bans, and the brand’s Round Flat Lens style is the perfect complement to the strong angles of a square-shaped face (and you’ll be channeling John Lennon — never a bad thing). This pair comes in a selection of lens and frames colors, including the classic green and gold pictured above, all with the crystal-clear vision quality the brand is known for. Just note that these lenses aren’t polarized.

Rave review: “I have always loved Ray-Bans. They make a good high-quality product. These shades are pretty good and are really dark as I expect them to be. Don't go in the sun without them.....”

  • Available colors: 8
These Rounded Cat-Eye Sunnies From A Cult-Favorite Brand

She’s Audrey Hepburn, but modern: These statement-making oversized sunnies from cult brand Le Specs. — which counts Beyonce, Meghan Markle, and the Hadid sisters as fans — feature a chunky, matte plastic frame in a rounded cat-eye shape that feels both current and retro. Plus, the frames are made of ultra-durable polycarbonate that’ll last for years; and in addition to providing 100% UV protection, they can also filter out blue light from screens up to 400 nanometers. Wear these with an oversized beanie and a floor-length wool coat to look like an off-duty fashion editor.

Rave review: “I have purchased these glasses 4 times now (sadly lost the other 3 pairs) but I continue to repurchase for their price, value, and all-around timeless cat-eye style. They are lightweight, matte in texture, and rubber so they are very durable. I get asked who makes them often and people are always shocked by the inexpensive price!”

  • Available colors: 1
These Affordable Retro-Inspired Round Sunglasses

Perfectly round sunglasses can sometimes feel a little costume-y, but this pair features slightly oversized lenses for a modern take on the style. The durable polycarbonate lenses are supported by delicate, lightweight metal frames. If you’re feeling experimental, choose a punchy lens color like pink or lemon yellow; otherwise, you can’t go wrong with their selection of neutrals, including the classic brown pictured above. And if you really love these sunnies, you can pick up a two-pack in this listing.

Rave review: “Bought originally for a rave fit, but I now wear them everyday. Size of them is perfect and it's always a fun style to add to my outfits.”

  • Available colors: 20
A Pair Of Oversized Sunglasses With Cool Ombre Lenses

For another pick from a brand with a cult following, consider these Quay sunglasses, which feature oversized lenses with the coolest faded lenses, in a rounded shape sure to complement square-shaped faces. The oversized silhouette is a little ‘70s, while the faded, mirror-coated lenses are nothing if not up-to-date. Hard to believe these trendy specs cost less than $60.

Rave review: “I love the look and feel of these glasses. Nicely oversized without being ridiculous. Very lightweight but well constructed.”

  • Available colors: 1
This Pair Of Rounded Aviators With A Double Bridge

These aviators by Michael Kors allow you to take advantage of the classic aviator style, but with lenses in a rounded, more oval shape that can stylishly juxtapose stronger face shapes. With a double bridge for added visual interest, the lenses are slightly wider at the temples that adds a subtle lift that everyone can appreciate, no matter your face shape.

Rave review: “I love these sunglasses! My 2nd pair of MK. Very stylish & block glare when I’m driving perfectly. They are comfortable to wear long periods of time, as well.”

  • Available colors: 4
A Pair Of Chunky Oval Sunglasses That Make A Major Style Statement

If you’re ready for a pair of sunglasses with personality, try out this pair; they feature chunky, oval frames in eye-catching white sure to make every outfit pop — although you can choose from nine more bold colors, if white isn’t your thing. And not only is this pair a replica of Kurt Cobain’s famous white sunglasses, the oval frames are great for people with square faces. With over 7,300 total ratings, these sunglasses happen to be incredibly popular on Amazon, where reviewers rave about the quality despite the tiny price tag; and even though the lenses aren’t polarized, many shoppers confirm that they still effectively cut glare.

Rave review: “They were packed well and came with a lovely pouch and cloth for cleaning! Fast shipping and excellent quality! Incredible product at a low price point! Just right! I love them and they feel balanced on my face. Sturdy, high quality frames with dark lenses- no squinting! But with confidence!”

  • Available colors: 10
A Pair Of Ray-Ban Wayfarers With Gently Rounded Edges

Sunglasses don’t get much more iconic than Ray-Ban Wayfarers, and this gently rounded style beautifully balances square-shaped faces. Featuring a lightweight acetate frame and the brand’s polarized crystal lenses, these versatile frames will complement any personal style, from polished to edgy. And you can’t go wrong with any of the 11 lens and frame color combinations, including the classic brown and tortoiseshell combo pictured here.

Rave review: “I'm a loyalist to RayBan, so take that as you will. I absolutely love this updated Wayfarer look and the tortise -shell like brown with brown lens really look great. Timeless and well made. Came with case and lens cloth.”

  • Available colors: 11
These Trendy, Chunky Sunglasses That Look More Expensive Than They Are

These sunglasses feature dramatic, chunky frames in an orange leopard print that looks so expensive you’d expect to see it on a runway, but with a price tag that’s surprisingly wallet-friendly. The chunkiness of the frame is a modern update on the classic cat-eye shape, and the thick curves balance stronger face shapes.

Rave review: “Highly recommend this pair of sunglasses! I usually have a hard time finding a pair that fits my face size & shape, and I prefer them oversized. This is one of the best fit for sunglasses on me. The color is beautiful [...] and it looks & feels expensive. I’ve brought this with me to several different trips abroad that could cause some wear on it, but this stayed intact & remains one of my go-to sunglasses”

  • Available colors: 16
A Pair Of Rimless Oval Sunglasses That Are So ‘90s-Chic

These rimless oval sunglasses is such a throwback, one reviewer deemed them “young Julia Roberts inspo.” With skinny black metal frames and dark lenses, these non-polarized sunglasses have a whole lot of attitude. Wear them with a long trench coat and platform boots for a Matrix-meets-Bella Hadid ensemble.

Rave review: “These are my villain sunglasses now. I feel like I need to be evil and wear a long trench coat. I wish they were a little more green bc they are very close to black, but still very cool.”

  • Available colors: 12
These Clubmaster-Style Sunglasses That Come In Over 50 Colors

Inspired by Ray-Ban Clubmasters, these sunglasses have earned over 25,000 five-star ratings. The semi-rimless shape is perfectly proportioned to square-shaped faces, and you can choose from over 50 classic shades, including the green and tortoiseshell listed here. They also come in two-packs, in case you’re prone to losing or breaking your sunnies.

Rave review: “These sunglasses for the price are a steal! The hinges and rubberized texture on the frame feels premium. The hinges feel nice and sturdy the polarization on the lens are like those on Ray-Bans except it has a slight blue tint to it. 10/10 I would highly recommend this product.”

  • Available colors: 56
A Pair Of Round Acetate Frames You’ll Wear With Everything

These round sunglasses are made with acetate frames for a subtle pop of color that’ll still coordinate with most outfits. The round lenses will complement square face shapes, and the polycarbonate lenses are super-durable — lots of reviewers rave about the quality. The polarized gray-green lenses in this style are a versatile alternative to black, but they do come in a few black color combos, too.

Rave review: “These are glamorous in a retro way, highly useful for sun blockage - but the best thing is the way they enhance the color spectrum. Wow! As a visual artist I appreciate the way they filter the spectrum.”

  • Available colors: 16