The 12 Best Aviator Sunglasses For Women

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by Andrea Gale
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There’s nothing quite like a pair of aviators for that instant jolt of style. Winter or summer, the best aviator sunglasses for women will make pretty much any outfit you’re wearing look incredibly cool. So whether you’re a devotee looking to add to your collection or you’re hunting for your first pair, here’s what to look for when shopping for your next go-to accessory.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Aviator Sunglasses

Sun Protection & Lens Type

As is always the case with sunglasses, the first thing you’ll want to look for is sun protection. Look for aviators with 100% UV protection (sometimes labeled as UV400), to help prevent sun damage to your eyes.

Next, consider whether you’d like polarized lenses (this doesn’t impact sun protection, so this is mostly a personal choice). Polarized lenses are treated with a special coating that can reduce glare and reflections. They’re especially useful if you plan to wear your aviators for driving or on the water, since they inhibit horizontal light, but they may warp how digital screens look.


While aviators are typically in the shape of an inverted triangle, you’ll find some aviators with sharper angles, and others with more rounded edges. People with small faces may want to look for aviators with smaller lenses. And while of course you should wear precisely whatever pair of aviators makes you feel best, generally speaking, frames with a more square shape tend to complement round or oval faces, while rounded shapes play well with a square face.

That said, the fun of aviator sunglasses is the strong stylistic statement they make, so don’t be afraid to play around — after all, the most important thing is how you feel wearing them. You might consider a pair of aviator sunglasses with colored lenses, chunky plastic frames (as opposed to the classic, sleek metal), or even a pair with heart-shaped frames.

If you’re ready to find your inner Goose or Maverick (bonus points if you get the reference), scroll on to shop the best aviator sunglasses on Amazon, starting at just $9.

These Classic Ray-Ban Aviators You’ll Have Forever

They might be a bit of a splurge, but everyone needs a pair of classic Ray-Bans, and these aviators practically sell themselves. This style features chic gold frames, complemented by rich brown lenses — the subtle smoky eye of aviators — but you have 13 more lens and frame color combinations to choose from, all equally elegant. Featuring non-polarized lenses and 100% UV protection, they come in three different sizes, so whatever your face size, you’ll find the perfect fit.

Enthusiastic review: “I had these glasses for several years but I fell and the way I landed, they broke. I was so sad until I realized I could buy the exact same glasses. They are wonderful. Very comfortable and I love the light colored lenses. The lens protect my eyes but they are not dark. So nice to have such light frames and light colored lenses.”

Available Colors: 14 | Available Sizes: 4 (55 - 60 Millimeters) | Polarized: No

An Affordable Pair Of Polarized Aviators With Almost 13,000 5-Star Ratings

No wonder these aviators have almost 13,000 perfect five-star ratings on Amazon. With polarized lenses offering UV400 protection and classic aviator lines (just look at those luxe gold metal frames), these sunglasses look like they cost way more than $18. They’ll add a little extra zhush to any outfit, whether it’s sweats or a cocktail dress.

Enthusiastic review: “These are great quality sunglasses for a low price! I got tired of buying cheap sunglasses from the dollar store only to have them break and get scratched within a few wears. These glasses are sturdy and lightweight! [...] The lenses really illuminate color and make things more vivid while also providing shade from the sun and UV rays. Best thing is, the reflective front of the lenses hide your eyes from others. a must for aviator lovers.”

Available Colors: 14 | Available Sizes: 1 (60 Millimeters) | Polarized: Yes

These Polarized Aviators That Are Perfect For Small Faces

These aviators are available in either “small face” (measuring 52 millimeters) or “medium face” (58 millimeters), so no matter your face size, you can still take advantage of classic aviator style. The polarized mirrored lenses offer 100% UV protection, while slick metal frames serve up the vibes of an off-duty detective turned fashion editor. And there are 15 lens and frame colors to choose from, if you’re not into the purple and silver combination pictured here.

Enthusiastic review: “These glasses are the best aviators I’ve found. I purchased the 52mm gold frame/brown lenses. I have trouble with aviators because of my small face, but these fit perfectly! Can’t beat the price either! They don’t feel or look like $15 glasses at all. Very happy with my purchase!”

Available Colors: 14 | Available Sizes: 2 (52, 58 Millimeters) | Polarized: Yes

A Pair Of Small Black Aviators From A Cult-Favorite Brand

Quay Australia is having a major moment right now, and these black aviators are a perfect (and classic) way to see what all the hype is about. This pair features black metal frames and non-polarized, faded black lenses with UV protection. Plus, the lenses clock in at 53 millimeters, so they won’t overwhelm smaller faces.

Enthusiastic review: “I have a smaller face for an adult and the minis fit perfect. The ombré look is tooo cute and they do offer good sun protection. They seem more durable than most $20 sunnies I buy. So far I love them.”

Available Colors: 3 | Available Sizes: 1 (53 Millimeters) | Polarized: No

A 3-Pack Of Aviators For Under $25

Why choose just one pair of sunglasses when you can have three? This three-pack of aviators gives you lots of options, all without denting your wallet. Each style features metal frames and polarized lenses with 100% UV protection. For variety lovers, there are sets that include both colored and black lenses, but for the purists, don’t worry — there’s an all-black set for you, too.

Enthusiastic review: “The set I purchased are a great bang for your buck. They're stylish and incredibly lightweight. For the price, the quality of these aviators make sense. Handling them, you can tell they're not high end, and that's OK! I'd love it if there was a little more weight to the arms of the sunglasses, but it's definitely not the end of the world. Overall, these sunglasses are great and fit the bill, especially if you're concerned about losing them and/or scratching them up while on a budget.”

Available Colors: 37 | Available Sizes: 2 (58, 62 Millimeters) | Polarized: Yes

A Pair Of Lightweight Yet Durable Aviators

Whether you’re playing sports or just need a pair of comfortable everyday sunnies, consider this pair of aviators. They feature lightweight, durable TR90 frames (in really cool colors, like this summery green frame with pink lenses) and a small, 50 millimeter lens width that won’t weigh you down, and rubber nose pads to help prevent slippage. And the lenses are polarized with 100% UV protection, so you’ll be safe as well as comfy.

Enthusiastic review: “These stay on and don’t make your face sweat. I can’t wear heavy glasses and they are perfect!”

Available Colors: 10 | Available Sizes: 1 (50 Millimeters) | Polarized: Yes

This Pair Of Aviators With Rounded Lenses

If you love the look of aviators but want a pair that feels a little less extra, try out this pair by Fossil — the rounded lenses are gentler than the typical inverted triangle shape. With gold metal frames and non-polarized, UV-protected lenses in a perfectly smoky brown, you’ll reach for these all year long, and they’ll go with any outfit.

Enthusiastic review: “Love these! [...] Great quality and good price!”

Available Colors: 1 | Available Sizes: 1 (58 Millimeters) | Polarized: No

These Aviators That Look Great On Round Faces

Round faces, like all faces, should wear exactly the sunglasses they want to; but these aviators have a squared-off shape, which tends to beautifully complement rounder faces. There are lots of other reasons you’ll want them, regardless. With lightweight plastic arms, metal frames, and large polarized lenses equipped with 100% UV protection, these aviators are highly functional, but they’ll make any outfit look a little extra chic.

Enthusiastic review: “I bought these sunglasses specifically for driving. With most pairs, the tint is too dark and I feel as if I cannot see as well. [...] With these I can see the road just fine if not better! These also look great! I have a round face and [...] these look great! They arrived in a nice box with a case and everything I needed to care for them with. If you are debating on buying these I say go for it!”

Available Colors: 14 | Available Sizes: 1 (61 Millimeters) | Polarized: Yes

These Aviators That Come In Tons Of Fun Lens & Frame Colors

As a vibe, aviators can be a little moody, but this pair comes in 16 fun lens colors so you can keep it light (how fun is this cute peachy pink pair?). Whatever color suits your mood, you’ll enjoy metal frames and polarized mirrored lenses with 100% UV protection. Despite that ultra-affordable price point, reviewers (and there are over 11,000 of them!) rave about the quality and durability.

Enthusiastic review: “They are very durable. I haven’t scratched them and I’ve dropped them i don’t know how many times. I’ve had some many sunglasses in the past lose the reflective tint on them after being in salt water well these haven’t! I love them!”

Available Colors: 15 | Available Sizes: 2 (57, 60 Millimeters) | Polarized: Yes

A Pair Of Designer Aviators With Chic Purple Lenses

For a subtle twist on the classic aviator style, try out these aviators by Michael Kors. They feature rose gold frames and chic purple mirrored lenses with 100% UV protection; so whether you’re wearing them at the beach or to run errands, they’ll add a stylish pop of color to your look. As you’d expect, reviewers confirm the quality is excellent.

Enthusiastic review: “I loved these sunglasses. Most give me headaches after wearing for even a short time. These are very comfortable and lightweight. The outside is a mirror purple in color but inside has an amazing yellow that filters the sun like i have never had before. They also do not change coloring of items. Almost like you are not even wearing anything. Only downfall is the nose piece gets stuck in my hair when i put them on top of my head, but i will [definitely] overlook that for the quality of eye protection these give with little to no discomfort as you wear them.”

Available Colors: 1 | Available Sizes: 1 (59 Millimeters) | Polarized: Not Listed

These Ray-Ban Aviators With Lightweight Nylon Frames

If you love classic Ray-Bans but want to switch it up a bit, consider the brand’s Cats 5000 style. They feature classic aviator styling and non-polarized, 100% UV-protected lenses, but in a lightweight, retro-yet-modern nylon frame, rather than the classic metal. (Plus, they don’t have nose pads, so you can wear them on top of your head without ripping your hair out.) They’re available in the most sophisticated colors — how perfectly ’70s is the tortoiseshell pair shown here? They’re the perfect match for flared denim and on-trend platforms.

Enthusiastic review: “These are a nice light weight and stay put. [...] They’re definitely on the expensive side but I’m happy with the quality, they feel sturdy and I trust the lens to fully block harmful rays in the intense summer Florida sun.”

Available Colors: 5 | Available Sizes: 1 (59 Millimeters) | Polarized: No

This Pair Of Heart-Shaped Aviators With Rainbow Lenses

Accessorizing should be fun, and this pair of heart-shaped rainbow aviators is definitely here for a good time. With metal frames and 100% UV-protected, non-polarized lenses, these are the perfect accessory for your next party, rave, or parade — or just adding a dash of playfulness to your outfit the next time you run errands.

Enthusiastic review: “I have gotten more compliments on these fun sunglasses than my designer ones! You automatically smile when you are wearing these!”

Available Colors: 15 | Available Sizes: 1 (60 Millimeters) | Polarized: No