The 4 Best Polygel Nail Kits For Manicures That Can Last Weeks

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If you think a polygel manicure requires the dexterity of a nail technician’s hands, you’d be surprised that with the right tools, it’s possible to achieve salon-quality results at home. The best polygel nail kit for you will ultimately depend on the supplies you need. If you’re a beginner to DIY manicures, you’ll likely need an extensive kit with tools for prepping and curing your nails — but if you’ve already dabbled in different at-home manicures, you may prefer fewer or more advanced components in your kit. Whether you’re a beginner or nail-art pro, the best polygel kits offer you a range of hues to choose from and can last for weeks.

If you’re just dipping your toes in the nail art world, you may need to stock up on basic tools: In addition to polygel, you’ll need a slip solution and polygel applicator to sculpt the polygel on your nails. You’ll also need a base coat, a top coat, and a nail file, plus an LED and/or UV lamp to cure your manicure. For extra length, opt for a kit that includes nail forms that you can use to shape longer tips.

You might also face a learning curve with polygel application, but your kit’s instructional manual (or a helpful YouTube tutorial) can get you up to speed. As you shop, look for polygel formulas that reviewers have confirmed are easy to spread. Depending on your budget and preferences, you might want a kit that includes polygel in various color options, glitter, nail decals, or additional equipment to prep your nails prior to the application.

If you are a professional-level manicurist shopping for an at-home kit and are looking for a nail drill (aka an electric file), just keep in mind that nail drills are truly made for experts: Without proper introduction to and extensive experience with safely using a nail drill, it can damage your nails and do your digits more harm than good.

Here are four polygel nail kits — all with hundreds of reviews backing them up — to check out on Amazon.

1. The Best Polygel Nail Kit For Beginners

  • Comes with: Six tubes of polygel, slip solution, polygel applicator, base coat, top coat, nail file, 48W LED lamp, nail forms, glitter and nail gemstone nail decals, nail clippers, cuticle fork, cuticle oil, tweezers, and buffer

If non-traditional manicures are uncharted territory for you, this Modelones nail kit provides you with everything you need to get started, including an LED lamp. One reviewer wrote that they had “zero experience with poly gel” but this kit made it “super easy.” Another described the polygel included as “smooth and easy to spread.” The kit comes with six classic shades, ranging from nude to pink and red as well as nail glitter and gemstone decals to play around with, plus an easy-to-understand instructional manual to walk you through the process. To prime your nails and apply your polygel manicure, the kit also contains basic tools like nail clippers, cuticle oil, tweezers, a cuticle fork, and a buffer.

The manufacturer claims that the polygel manicure can last upwards of two weeks. One reviewer confirmed: “So great for beginners! Everything you need to start. [...] I have done 4 different sets now. Lasts about 2 weeks a set!”

Promising Amazon review: “For my first time ever dealing with doing my nails on my own. [...] Overall very satisfied [with] the cost of the kit vs the amount I would normally spend makes it that much better! Definitely makes it worth a few more practice runs and I will be a pro!!! Can't wait!”

2. The Polygel Kit With Tons Of Sparkle Options

  • Comes with: 6 tubes of polygel, slip solution, polygel applicator, base coat, two top coats (glossy and matte finishes), nail file, 6W LED lamp, nail forms, tweezers, 6 pots of nail glitter, 12 types of rhinestones, and 12 types of glitter flakes

This Beetles nail kit is a great fit for someone who prefers some sparkle. In addition to six polygel colors (including one color-changing and two glittery tubes), it contains 18 different types of glitter and 12 kinds of rhinestones. As if that weren’t enough, it comes with both glossy and matte top coats to add even more versatility.

This kit offers endless possibilities for a sparkly at-home manicure, and reviewers have also reported that application is easy, with one describing the polygel as “super easy to mold.” Reviewers have attested to the longevity of their manicures, too. One fan raved, “Nails lasted for over 3 weeks and I didn’t have any issues with chipping or breaking.” The kit only comes with one prep tool — a nail file — but if you already have other tools on hand, you should be able to get started right away.

Positive Amazon review: “AWESOME! This kit saves me so much money and allows me to be as creative as I want. It includes everything you need. Easy to understand instructions too. With every set i get better!”

3. The Best Polygel Nail Kit With A Nail Drill

  • Comes with: Six tubes of polygel, slip solution, polygel applicator, base coat, two top coats (glossy and matte finish), nail file, 48W UV/LED lamp, acrylic nail tips and nail forms, nail drill with six bits, and glitter and rhinestone nail decals (four options each)

This is an all-inclusive polygel nail kit at a great price which should appeal to pro-level nail enthusiasts. In addition to six tubes of polygel in neutral shades, glossy and matte top coats, glitter and rhinestone nail decals, and a UV/LED lamp. Unlike the other kits on this list, this one comes with a nail drill to help you shape your nails and remove the polygel. Keep in mind that it can be easy to over-file your nails with a drill, so make sure to receive the proper training before you take on the tool.

Even without the nail drill, the kit would shine on its own. One user wrote, “The [polygel] is super easy to mould, comes with a pretty decent size amount of polygel in each tube, and the lamp cures really well.” “It's absolutely worth the price and they look fresh out of the salon!” another described. While the manufacturer doesn’t specify how long your manicure should last, reviewers have reported it can last weeks with proper prep and application. One fan wrote, “[It] stayed on with no lifting for 4 weeks.”

Positive Amazon review: “This kit it’s fantastic! I love everything about it [is] super easy to use and the outcome is exactly what I envisioned!”

4. A Large Polygel Nail Kit That’s Great If You Already Own A Nail Lamp

  • Comes with: 18 tubes of polygel, slip solution, polygel applicator, base coat, two top coats (glossy and matte finishes), nail file, nail forms, nail clippers, cuticle pusher, and scissors

If you are no stranger to DIY manicures that require a UV or LED lamp, this option by Ohuhu is great for building on your kit at home. It comes with a dizzying array of polygel tubes in 10 neutral, four glittery, and four color-changing shades. Plus, with both glossy and matte top coats, you’ll have 36 polygel looks to choose from.

One reviewer described the consistency of the polygel as “not too sticky or soft” and “very easy to work with.” What’s more? Application is as quick as it is easy — it’s formulated to cure in as little as 90 seconds. According to the manufacturer, manicures can last more than one month with proper application and care. (And if you like the look of this kit but don’t have a lamp at home, check out this list of the best UV nail lamps.)

Positive Amazon review: “I saw the polygel nails on social media and had to try. It’s easy enough but if you haven’t done something like this before (at home acrylic or gel nails) it might be a bit difficult to do on your first try. I do my nails all the time so it was easier but still wasn’t as easy as expected. The product made is super easy. The gel came out so smooth and love the shines top coat AND the matte coat. Really liked that they offered options. The only downside is that they didn’t provide the slip solution nor the UV light. I already had one so it made sense but for beginners, that’s an additional purchase.”