The 10 Best Nail Polish Strips & Stickers

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If shaky hands or a lack of patience have thwarted your best attempts to create a salon-quality manicure at home, nail strips and stickers can come to the rescue. The best nail strips and stickers are quick and easy to use, and they can last as long as a traditional manicure (or longer) with the right tools and proper application. Full nail strips will cover the whole nail, and they come in regular polish and gel varieties. But to add a fun touch to bare painted nails, consider snagging some smaller stickers or decals, too.

Types Of Nail Polish Strips & Stickers

As you shop, first decide whether you want to use full-nail strips or smaller decals. Nail strips (sometimes referred to as nail wraps or simply nail stickers) cover the whole nail and come in formulas made with gel or regular polish. If you’re looking for a long-lasting manicure, opt for gel strips, which can often stay put for up to two weeks. Prefer regular nail polish over gel? Opt for a nail strip kit that’s made with regular polish, which should typically last up to about one week on their own. You can add a coat of regular clear polish or a top coat to make them last a few more days. Removing full-nail strips varies by brand, but most gel and regular polish strips can be peeled off by hand, and require nail polish remover.

On the other hand, nail decals are small, basic stickers that can jazz up polished nails. They can last up to a week on their own, but adding a regular top coat can extend their wear and give them a nice glossy shine. When you’re ready to switch up your mani, the decals should come off when you remove the polish underneath.

What You Need To Apply Nail Polish Strips & Stickers

Applying these self-adhesive nail strips or stickers is usually a beginner-friendly process, but having the right tools is still essential. If you’re new to this type of at-home manicure, consider a set of nail strips that comes with the tools you’ll need: a cleaning pads to prep your nails, a wood stick to press the strip in place, and a nail file to remove the excess strip from the tips of your nails. Some kits are even more expansive and include items like cuticle trimmers or scissors. If you’re leaning towards using gel over regular polish strips, you might also need to invest in a UV nail lamp to cure the gel, depending on the individual nail strips. (Some gel strips require curing, but some don’t.)

Decorative nail stickers tend to be even simpler to use: Tweezers are usually the only tool you’ll need to apply decals to your mani, though you’ll also probably want to add a layer of regular clear polish or top coat to help them last longer.

Ahead, you’ll find the best nail strips and stickers you can buy on Amazon. I’ve broken up the list into two categories — full nail strip kits and smaller nail stickers — for your convenience. Whether you prefer to stick to neutral manis or switch up your nails with different colors and designs, you’ll find a set for your budget and mood.

The Best Nail Strip Kits:
1. A Beginner-Friendly Set Of Gel Nail Strips

Comes with: 32 nail strips, nail file, wood stick, cuticle trimmer, and cleaning wipes

What makes it great: While these nail strips are made of gel polish, they don’t require a UV lamp for application, making them easy to apply. One reviewer wrote that they had not “used nail wraps before,” but they found these strips to be “super easy” to apply. The kit includes dozens of self-adhesive nail strips in the color of your choice, and the strips are made with real gel polish for longer-lasting wear. Each kit can offer up to three full manicures (depending on the size of your individual nails). The manufacturer claims that even though these nail strips are made of gel, they don’t need to be sealed with a UV light. They’re made to last up to two weeks, and BEAOLATA recommends adding a regular top coat for extra protection against chipping. (It’s worth noting that some reviewers have claimed these strips sometimes don’t last a full two weeks — which makes sense since they don’t require a UV lamp to set them.)

The kit comes with everything you need to prep your nails and apply the strips, including a nail file, a wood stick, cleaning wipes to remove excess oil and dirt, so the strips better adhere to the nails, plus a cuticle trimmer. If you want a tried-and-true option, you might like the sweet pink option featured above, but you can also take your pick from 23 different solid and patterned options. To remove the strips, the manufacturer specifies that you should use a nail polish remover — some reviewers have recommended using an acetone formula.

One shopper wrote: “I was skeptical having not used nail wraps before but these were super easy to put on my nails and actually last quite a while! I usually wreck my nail polish pretty quickly so these definitely get my seal of approval. Application was easy and came with a lot of application accessories. I had these on for a week with very minimal chipping at all. [...] I’m definitely stocking up on these and will use them again.”

2. A Set Of Gel Nail Strips In Fun Colors & Patterns

Comes with: 20 nail strips, nail file, wood stick, and cleaning wipes

What makes it great: If you already have or don’t mind snagging a UV nail lamp, you might give these semi-cured gel nail strips a try. The kit comes with 20 self-adhesive nail wraps that are made from real gel polish, plus a nail file, a wood stick, and cleaning wipes. The set will last up to two full manicures and, according to the manufacturer, stays put for up to two weeks when fully cured with a UV nail lamp. One reviewer confirmed that their previous set lasted “two weeks,” while another reported that their manicure lasted them “about three weeks.” Shoppers have agreed that applying the strips is easy, with one raving that “it took no more than 10 minutes from start to finish!” When you want to swap out your polish, you can simply peel off these strips. Shop the kit in 17 bright and neutral colorways, including this minimalist option with clean lines.

One shopper wrote: “Great product, especially for the price. I was looking for an alternative to expensive gel manicures, and this exceeded my expectations. For someone who bites their nails, this product is a life saver, and I will definitely purchase it again.”

3. These Easy-To-Use Nail Strips Made With Vegan Polish

Comes with: 20 nail wraps, nail file, and wood stick

What makes it great: If you’d prefer to leave the gel manicures to the professionals, give these vegan nail polish strips from Paintbucket. The full-nail strips are formulated with regular (not gel) polish that skips the animal byproducts and is cruelty-free, too. With each kit, you’ll receive 20 self-adhesive nail strips for one or two full manicures, plus a nail file and wood stick. Once applied, a set is said to last up to seven days — some reviewers reported that their manicures lasted even longer. Adding a regular top coat is optional, according to Paintbucket.

One thing many shoppers have agreed on is that the strips are simple to apply. “Not only are Paintbucket nail wraps stylish,” one reviewer wrote, “but they’re so easy and fast to apply.” Many also mentioned that they loved all the different colorful designs. Check out this pale thunderbolt print, or choose another from the 45 total options available on Amazon.

To remove the nail wraps, just apply an acetone-based nail polish remover.

One shopper wrote: “This is one of the best nail products I’ve ever used! I was pressed for time getting a nail appointment for a wedding so bought these to give them a try and have since bought 10 more… they’re super easy to apply, look amazing and the best part is you don’t have to wait for dry time! Highly recommend this product!”

4. These Budget-Friendly Gel Nail Strips

Comes with: 20 nail wraps, nail file, wood stick, sealing strip, and scissors

What makes it great: These semi-cured nail strips are similar to the previous pick but with a budget-friendly price tag. The kit includes enough self-adhesive nail wraps for up to two full manicures, along with a nail file, a wood stick, scissors, and a silver sealing strip, which you can use to store the nail wraps to prevent them from drying out between uses.

Available in 11 styles, the strips are made from real gel polish that can last for up to two weeks, and while they don’t require any kind of top coat, you will need to cure them with a UV lamp. Many reviewers stated that application is a cinch. To remove these gel strips, you can simply lift and peel them from the nail. This kit is available in fewer color options than the previous set — however, the options that are available are pretty cute like the elegant marble pattern pictured above.

One shopper wrote: “Goes on well, stays well, files well. Best brand I have tried so far.”

5. These Editor-Approved Gel Nail Strips

Comes with: 30 nail strips, nail file, wood stick, and cleaning wipes

What makes it great: Cheyenne MacDonald, an editor at Bustle Digital Group, tested these ohora nail polish strips for Input. MacDonald wrote that “unlike with a typical polish where precision is critical, you can be pretty haphazard about ohora application and still end up with a great manicure.” Plus, the gel strips are long-lasting. MacDonald described: “Each set has survived a full two weeks at least, only getting minor chips, if anything, in that time — and trust me, I am not careful.” With 30 strips to a set, you can get up to three manicures out of each order, though it’ll ultimately depend on which size strips you need for your nails.

Like many gel strips, these have a top coat built in. That being said, ohora specifies that you can manually add a top coat at the edges of the stickers if you prefer — just make sure it’s a gel top coat. When you’re ready to remove them, simply moisten the included wood stick with your favorite nail polish remover and use it to peel off the gel strips.

This set features a modern pattern with gold details, but you can choose from a range of different colors and patterns, like this neutral option with a gemstone-printed accents and this gradient set in fun colors.

One shopper wrote: “I am absolutely obsessed with these gel strips! So easy and love the designs I can choose from. I have enough left to do another gel strip manicure! Can’t wait to purchase another set!”

The Best Nail Stickers & Decals:
6. A Value Pack Of 1,000+ Nail Decals

Comes with: 12 sticker sheets

What makes it great: If you want to dip your fingers into the world of decals, this value pack of nail art stickers is a great starting point. Each set comes with 12 sticker sheets (amounting to more than 1,000 decals total), which include plants, animals, and beach-inspired designs.

The decals are easy to apply with tweezers (not included), and one shopper raved that the stickers “stick very well and stick flush against the nail.” A regular clear polish or top coat is all you need to keep them in place — although some reviewers have even tested using them without one. One reviewer described, “I used tweezers to apply, and put a clear top coat over them. They lasted as long as my nail polish!”

One shopper wrote: “I always get frustrated when it comes to decorating my nails, but w/ the nail stickers it was quick and easy. Just peel off and apply to nail. Super happy w/ the results. Highly recommend.”

7. These Nail Stickers With Abstract Line Drawings

Comes with: 12 sticker sheets

What makes it great: Elevate your manicure to art by adding these nail stickers with cool line drawings. One reviewer claimed that applying the stickers was a cinch: “Just peel and stick on your nail. No water, alcohol or other supplies needed.” When applied, a reviewer attested that they “lie flat on the nail,” and many have agreed that the stickers last a while — one reviewer wrote that they “lasted for over a week” while another mentioned that they last “until you decide to change your nail design.” The manufacturer also recommends applying a normal top coat to extend their longevity.

Aside from the option featured in the picture, you can also choose among festive seasonal and pretty floral options. Just make sure to keep a pair of tweezers on hand to maneuver the stickers.

One shopper wrote: “These stickers are so so cute!!! I've been painting my own nails [...] and these have been a great addition. I paint my base mani, let dry, add the stickers, and then use top coat [...] I haven't had any issues with the color bleeding or the stickers peeling and they last over a week (probably longer, but I like to change my mani once a week).”

8. A Set Of Metallic Nail Decals

Comes with: 12 sticker sheets

What makes it great: If you want to add some sparkle to your nails, try these nail stickers. The teeny decals have gold and silver designs, including moons, stars, leaves, geometric patterns, and more. Many reviewers have claimed that application is easy — however, some shoppers have struggled to remove the tiny stickers from the sheet. (A pair of tweezers — not included — should help with that). The manufacturer recommends using a regular top coat to keep the stickers in place.

One shopper wrote: “Easy to apply and very cute. They lasted over a week and would have lasted longer if I didn’t [decide] to change my manicure. I applied two coats of topcoat to really seal them in.”

9. These 3-D Nail Stickers & A Pair Of Tweezers

Comes with: 20 sticker sheets and tweezers

What makes it great: For bejeweled manicures, add these 3-D nail decals to your cart. A set includes a pair of tweezers and 20 sheets of embellished stickers, which are printed with various light-catching designs. One reviewer raved, “I really love how easy they are to apply, and the results look very professional.” The manufacturer suggests using a normal top coat to make the stickers last longer. You can choose from eight different packs of stickers.

One shopper wrote: “These are nice sturdy stickers. They have a nice shine and a very large variety. Easy to peel off with tweezers.”

10. A Set Of Nail Stickers With Letters

Comes with: 16 sticker sheets

What makes it great: These holographic nail decals featuring letters of the alphabet will add a personal touch to any wordsmith’s nails. Depending on the shape of your nails, you'll be able to customize your nails with single letters or full words. If you have shorter nails, you might only be able to fit one letter per nail, but one reviewer with acrylic nails was able to fit “four letters vertically” on a nail. The stickers are simple to apply — just stick them on and add a basic top coat — but they don’t come with tweezers.

One shopper wrote: “These are the perfect size, the colors look great, and they’re so easy to use! Remember to seal with a topcoat after you stick these down! My nails aren’t particularly long and I can fit one letter on each nail.”