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The 6 Best Lashes For Small Eyes, According To Reviewers

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Whether you want to accentuate your natural lashes or lift them to new heights, false lashes are a reliable option for amplifying your eyes. Like most beauty products, however, falsies aren’t one-size-fits-all — and when it comes to the best lashes for small eyes, there are a plethora of options that fit well and are easy to manipulate into place. To narrow down your choices, think about your preferred lash type (strip, clusters, or individual lashes), and the overall look you want to achieve.

The Best Types Of False Eyelashes For Small Eyes

When you think of false lashes, chances are, strip lashes will be the first thing to come to mind — but you can also choose from cluster or individual lashes. They can all be great options, but they’ll differ slightly in effect and application.

  • Strip lashes have bands that affix to the top of the lash line using lash glue and a pair of slant-edge tweezers. They’re available in different styles, ranging from natural-looking wispy lashes to full, fluttery ones. Regardless of your eye shape, it’s likely that you’ll have to cut your strip lashes down to size before you apply them. Alternatively, you can opt to use lash strips with a three-quarter-length lash band, and the short band might make them easy to apply to small eyes, even without a trim.
  • Alternatively, cluster lashes are very short strips of lashes that you can apply along your lash line (or, in some cases, along your water line). Try applying them across your whole lash line or just to the outer corners of the eyes for a cat-like effect.
  • Individual lashes are single bulbs with a few hairs, making them ideal for adding exactly where you want to add subtle length and/or volume. However, because of their small size, they can require a deft hand to apply and, in my experience, might not be the best option for beginners.

Unlike strip lashes, clusters and individual lashes offer more customization over your look and won’t require trimming, but they typically won’t offer the drama of a full strip lash and require careful placement. When shopping online for clusters or singles, choosing a pack with various lengths will let you select the lengths for your preferred look. As with traditional strip lashes, you’ll typically need lash glue and tweezers for application.

Glue-On Vs. Magnetic Lash Strips

If you’d prefer to avoid using regular adhesive, opt for magnetic lashes, which don’t require an adhesive. Instead, they’re applied using one of two methods: You’ll either “sandwich” your natural lashes between two magnetic lash strips, or apply an eyeliner formulated with iron oxides, which the magnetic falsies will attach to. While both options are considered safe to use, I prefer the latter, as they usually feel lighter and are less likely to pull at your natural lashes. When opting for magnetic lashes, just note that they often just come as strips, rather than clusters or individual lashes.

Shop The Best Lashes For Small Eyes

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best lashes for small eyes.

1. A Pair Of 3/4-Length Strip Lashes For Small Eyes: Eylure Naturals False Lashes Style No. 003

2. A Pack Of Full Lash Strips With Plenty Of Volume: Ardell Faux Mink Demi Wispies (4 Pairs)

3. A Variety Pack Of Lash Clusters In Different Lengths: LANKIZ Lash Clusters (48-Pack)

4. A Set Of Popular Lash Clusters With A 2-Step Application Process: KISS Falscara Eyelash Extension Lengthening Wisps (24-Pack)

5. A Pack Of Individual Lashes For Small Eyes: Ardell DuraLash Individual Long Flares (112-Pack)

6. A Set Of Magnetic Lash Strips That Don’t Require Glue: Luxillia Magnetic Lashes With Eyeliner (5 Pairs)

Below, find the six best lashes for small eyes on Amazon — all vetted by customers who’ve tested and loved them.

1. A Pair Of 3/4-Length Strip Lashes

One reviewer wrote that these wispy strip lashes look so natural, it appears as though you aren’t wearing falsies at all — and many reviewers agree. The synthetic lashes are fitted with a translucent three-quarter-length band that’s designed to blend in seamlessly with your natural lashes, resulting in a subtle enhancement. They can be trimmed to suit, but several reviewers with small eyes noted that they didn’t have to trim the band. One reviewer wrote, “I have small, deep-set eyes and these lashes look realistic. I didn’t have to trim them at all.”

They’re reusable up to five times, and the set also includes a latex-free glue (which is formulated to last up to 18 hours) with a brush applicator. Reviewers have attested that the glue keeps the lashes on “all day,” but you can also swap in your lash glue of choice to use instead. These strip lashes are available in a more voluminous option if you want more drama from a three-quarter-length strip, too.

One reviewer wrote: “Love these [...] These are my fave every day lashes. I have small, almond eyes and these are the only ones I dont have to trim. These are 3/4 lashes but I can use them like a full set.”

Type of lashes: 3/4-length strip lashes (glue-on) | Comes with glue? Yes

2. A Pack Of Full Strips With Plenty Of Volume

If you’re looking to add some more volume to your lashes, these demi-wispies lash strips from cult-favorite brand Ardell will give you a big boost. They feature a full-length translucent band that you can trim down to your ideal width — and for added drama, you can apply your eyeliner over the bands. While many reviewers have praised how natural they look, these will certainly be more voluminous and intense than the previous pick. The lashes are made of faux mink hair, and each set comes with four pairs that you can use with your preferred lash adhesive. You also have the option of saving a few bucks by purchasing a set with two pairs. While the manufacturer doesn’t indicate how many times each pair can be reused, one reviewer wrote, “If I wash and remove the glue, I can wear about 3 times before they loose their curl.”

One reviewer wrote: “They’re perfect for my small eyes and you wouldn’t even tell that I’m wearing them, they open your eyes but look very natural.”

Type of lashes: Full-length strip lashes (glue-on) | Comes with glue? No

3. A Value Pack Of Lash Clusters In Different Lengths

Enhancing your lashes is easy with this pack of lash clusters. They’re made to glue on and go, with no trimming required. The set comes with 48 synthetic hair clusters (each reusable up to 10 times), ranging 10, 12, 14, and 16 millimeters in length. They’re also available in 21 other options in various lengths, colors, and styles.

One reviewer wrote: “I was surprised at how real these look and feel! [...] Been learning how to do them for the last few months. I must say that out of the 20-30 different types I have tried, these are one of my favorites. It took me about 35 minutes for both eyes. I will say that good tweezers and glue make a huge difference. But these lashes are extremely easy to apply. They are lightweight, soft and very realistic. I will be purchasing these on a regular basis from now on.”

Type of lashes: Lash clusters (glue-on) | Comes with glue? No

4. A Set Of Popular Lash Clusters With A 2-Step Application Process

Boasting a 4.5-star overall rating after more than 2,000 reviews, these KISS lash clusters are a popular option among Amazon shoppers for realistic-looking results. Like the previous pick, you don’t have to trim them to size — but what sets these apart is how the lashes are applied using the two-step KISS dual-ended bond and seal adhesive. You’ll first apply the bond to your lashes like you would regular mascara, place the clusters underneath the natural lashes along the water line rather than on top of your lash line, and top it all off with the sealing product. (There’s a tutorial video on the brand’s YouTube page for a demonstration.) With these, the adhesive is applied to your lashes rather than your lash line. While the process is fairly straightforward, it might require practice for those who are uncomfortable about things going near their eyes. The set comes with 24 synthetic hair clusters (each reusable up to three times) in three lengths — short, medium, and long.

One reviewer wrote: “They are so easy to put on and you can’t even tell they are fake. I put them on my top waterline and everyone thinks they are my real lashes. I have small eyes so it’s so hard finding natural but not so natural eyelashes. These are my all-time favorite!”

Type of lashes: Lash clusters (glue-on) | Comes with glue? No

5. A Pack Of Individual Lashes For Small Eyes

For complete customization over your lashes, opt for this set of individual lashes from Ardell. Using your preferred lash glue (which you’ll have to purchase separately), you can apply them where you want more fullness. They have a knot-free design that’ll help them seamlessly blend into your lashes, and many reviewers have agreed that the synthetic hairs look convincingly natural. The manufacturer doesn’t specify how many times these individual lashes can be reused. “I actually reuse them many times. The only reason I have to throw them away is if I mishandle them while cleaning and bend a lash badly,” one reviewer wrote. This set includes 112 short individual lashes, but you can also purchase a pack that includes medium-length singles.

One reviewer wrote: “These lashes are my go-to. The knot-free makes the lashes look super natural. I love that it’s customizable so you can make your lashes as full as you would like. They are super easy to apply and the glue holds them on tight. A bit difficult to get off the packaging and sometimes I separate the lashes. Still working on the best method to pull them off the packaging. 10/10 would recommend anyone buying these especially beginners.”

Type of lashes: Individual lashes (glue-on) | Comes with glue? No

6. A Set Of Magnetic Lash Strips That Don’t Require Glue

These magnetic lash strips are ideal for those who are sensitive to glue or just want to avoid using it for another reason. Application is easy, too: Just swipe the included eyeliner onto your lids, let it dry, then place the lashes over the liner. The lashes will adhere to the liner magnetically — and, according to reviewers, they will stay put throughout the day. As a plus, you can cut the lash strips to size for your best fit. With each order, you’ll receive five pairs of faux-silk lashes of various styles and volumes (which reviewers have claimed you can reuse several times), along with the eyeliner for adhesion and an application tool.

One reviewer wrote: “I love Luxilla magnetic lashes. I absolutely struggle with original flash eyelashes as my eyes are small. Luxilla lashes are easily trimmed, stay put and look great.”

Type of lashes: Full-size lash strips (magnetic) | Comes with glue? Not needed

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