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The Ultimate Guide To Applying False Eyelashes — Plus The Best Ones To Try


No amount of caffeine or endorphins will ever make you look more awake than a pair of false eyelashes. Also, “Different styles of lashes can make your eyes look brighter [or] completely change the shape of the eye,” makeup artist Renny Vasquez tells Elite Daily. But how to pick a pair of falsies when there are so many out there to choose from? Well generally, the best false eyelashes will be lightweight and reusable, but aside from that, you'll want to choose a style (and application method) that suits your own personal preferences.

Practice and patience are key when you’re applying false eyelashes. Here’s a quick guide: Line the band with a thin layer of lash glue and wait 20 to 30 seconds until the glue gets tacky. Using a tweezer or a lash applicator, lay the strip flush to your lash line, starting at the outer corners and working inwards. Finally, wiggle on a coat of mascara to blend your real lashes with your fakes, focusing at the roots.

Also, don’t be afraid to do some DIY work on your strip lashes: If you want a better fit, a less dramatic effect, or to make the application process easier, feel free to trim them down (working with two or three small strips is definitely more manageable than one long strip).

And remember that false eyelashes are not a one-time-only deal — both strips and individual lashes should be reusable, as long as you treat them with the care and respect they deserve. “When you remove your lashes, it’s a great idea to clean them using cotton swabs and 99% proof alcohol,” Vasquez suggests. “It will help remove any glue residue, and improve the longevity of the lash so you can get more wear out of them.”

And now, scroll on to shop five of the best false eyelashes you can get on Amazon — plus one very hardworking lash glue.

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The Best Individual False Eyelashes

If the prospect of laying down a whole strip of lashes is slightly terrifying for you, start by sticking on some individual lashes, like these Ardell Duralash Individuals. Just a couple of these wispy clusters will make you look a little more alive, especially if you concentrate them around your outer corners. (They also feel much less heavy than a full strip of lashes.) These short, black lashes are knot-free, which means that the "knot" securing each cluster is flattened to blend more seamlessly with your natural lashes. Ardell also makes knotted individual falsies, which can work if your natural lashes are on the thicker side.

The Best Subtle False Eyelashes

Wispy and lightweight, these Eylure London Naturals are a nice intermediate step between individuals and full-on, Betty Boop-level strips. They’re also outfitted with a translucent band and come with adhesive glue that dries clear, so they’ll be virtually invisible once you blend them into your lash line with a coat of mascara. One Amazon reviewer said they wore these strips for eight hours straight, and they were so feathery-light (and looked so good-but-natural) that they forgot they were on.

The Best Dramatic False Eyelashes

Try these Arimika false eyelashes if you want to kick up a gust of wind every time you blink. Most mink lashes cost upwards of $20, but reviewers confirm that the quality of this very much beloved, $8 set is equal to more expensive brands: They’re fluffy, soft, and don’t shed or break even after several uses (you can reuse them up to 15 times). The cotton band is pretty thick — has to be, to keep these voluminous lashes in check — but even users with thin natural lashes have found success with these.

The Best Magnetic False Eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes literally adhere to your lash line magnetically. Sounds intimidating, but in the absence of adhesive glue, they’re actually an easier and less messy way to apply false lashes (and despite what your fears may tell you, they’re totally safe). Some magnetic lash kits come with two lash strips per eye, which snap together when you sandwich your natural lashes between them. Others, like these Luxilia magnetic eyelashes, attach to an included magnetic eyeliner. Reviewers say the liquid liner in this kit goes on thick and smooth, and the lashes are just the right midpoint between natural and dramatic. And thanks to several super-strong magnets, the two components stick together seamlessly, and stay together, all day long.

Another Best-Selling False Eyelash Set

With a 4.5-star average rating from over 1,000 reviews, these Kiss Ever EZ Lashes are some of the most popular false eyelashes on Amazon. These strips, which one reviewer calls “a step up from a natural look,” are fused with a thin, flexible band for easy application and a lightweight feel. The value here is pretty great, too: You’re getting five pairs of lashes for under $10. The set also includes a lash applicator tool — a welcome addition if you aren’t into the idea of wielding tweezers so close to your eyeballs.

You'll Also Need:

Your false lashes of choice may or may not come with their own lash glue, but either way, keeping a tube of this DUO Striplash Adhesive in your kit is a must if you frequently wear false lashes. An absolute pro-favorite, this classic glue dries quickly and smoothly for easy application and comfortable wear. It’s built to last for hours, but your falsies will remove painlessly when you’re ready to (gently!) pull them off. It’s water-resistant and safe for contact-wearers, too. This glue dries clear, but DUO also makes a version of the same formula that dries black.


Renny Vasquez, celebrity makeup artist.