The Best False Eyelashes For Everyday

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Unless you work in the theater, false lashes are typically thought of as a special-occasion-only addition to your makeup routine. But if you want a little lash lengthening and volumizing boost, the best false eyelashes for everyday wear will help you get there in a subtle way. "Look for a lash that's not much longer than your natural lashes," makeup artist Renny Vasquez tells Elite Daily. "If your natural lashes are about 8 millimeters long, it is okay to wear a lash that measures up to four or five millimeters more," he says. "Lashes should also not be too dense, [and] you want the band of the false lash to be thin," advises Vasquez, who adds, "There's no sense in a natural-looking lash that has a thick band that you see before the lash."

You should also consider if there's a specific shape you're trying to create with your eye makeup. "If you want a more sultry cat eye, then I would suggest a lash that flares out at the corner," Vasquez says. "For a more doe-eyed appearance, lashes that are tapered or appear shorter at the inner and outer corner of the eye would be best."

The Expert

Renny Vasquez is a New York City-based makeup artist. He has worked across television sets and editorial shoots, in addition to working with brides and models. Vasquez's celebrity clients have included Gabrielle Union, Serena Williams, and Chrissy Teigen.

How To Apply False Eyelashes

Vasquez recommends applying your fake eyelashes toward the end of your routine, waiting until after you've finished with your base and the rest of your eye makeup. He also admits that it takes quite a bit of practice to get the hang of applying false lashes, whether you use full strips or individual wisps. "Until you feel like you're a pro at applying lashes, give yourself some grace and make sure you have ample time to pop a pair on," says Vasquez. But as you adjust, Vasquez has a few tips to help make the application process a little easier.

"Take a handheld mirror and hold it beneath your face," Vasquez says. "Look down at yourself and apply the middle of the lash to the middle of your lash line. Then, apply the outer corner of the lash to the outer corner of your eye," he adds, advising that you save the inner corners of the lashes for last. If you plan on wearing false eyelashes most days, you’ll likely get the hang of it quickly.

Shop The Best False Eyelashes For Everyday

In a hurry? Here are the best false eyelashes for every day:

  1. Best False Eyelash Kit For Everyday Wear: KISS Falscara Starter Kit
  2. Best Magnetic Lashes For Everyday: Eylure ProMagnetic Eyeliner & Lash System
  3. Best False Lashes Under $10: EMEDA False Eyelashes

1. Expert’s Pick: The Overall Best False Eyelash Kit For Everyday Wear

Rather than using a strip that goes along your lash line, the individual wisps from the KISS Falscara Starter Kit are applied under your lashes for a more natural finish. "[These] lashes are lighter in density, but provide a beautiful enhancement to the eye," Vasquez says of why this is one of his go-to kits. The set comes with 10 wisps so you can choose exactly how many lashes suit your eyes, a bonding primer to adhere the false lashes to your natural lashes, a sealing coat to lock them in place, and a tweezer-like tool to apply them with. Plus, you can re-wear each wisp up to three times. If you're pressed for time, Vasquez points out that a strip lash, like the KISS Looks So Natural set, will be faster and easier to apply.

Relevant Review: "These are a breakthrough in lashes! Unbelievably easy and truly natural. These make much more sense than traditional lashes and i wouldn't be surprised if all lashes were applied on the front in the future. The package says they can stay on for up to 2 weeks, but i don't use much adhesive and I don't use the sealer, so I easily take them off at night. I only use one set on the outer eye (as pictured) for a truly natural yet beautiful look. For special occasions I'll put on a second set. 3 sets cover the whole eye. These are a great alternative to Lash extensions.”

2. Best Magnetic Lashes For Everyday

If you're sensitive to lash glues or just find glue difficult and messy to work with, Eylure's ProMagnetic Eyeliner & Lash System eliminates the need for it altogether. Instead, these lashes adhere to your lash line using a magnetic, patent-pending black eyeliner. You'll need to layer three coats of this long-lasting, smudge-proof liner on to get the lashes to adhere properly, allowing each layer to dry fully. Because these magnetic lashes flare out at the corner (and use a liner instead of glue), they're perfect for creating more of that sultry, cat-eye effect Vasquez mentioned earlier. While this is a single set of lashes, they can be reapplied with the eyeliner up to 15 times before you need to invest in a new pair.

Relevant Review: "Easy to apply and stayed on for over nine hours without any problem at all. Just make sure you let each layer of liner dry before popping on the next (three in total). [I] didn't feel them on, and I have sensitive eyes. Easy enough to take off the liner if you use a proper cleanser."

3. Best False Lashes Under $10

When you're wearing false lashes on a daily (or at least semi-regular) basis, it makes sense to invest in an affordable set that includes multiple pairs of lashes. This EMEDA false eyelash set gives you 10 pairs of handmade lashes that are layered to create a 3-D effect that mimics your natural lashes, and rings up at just under $10 on Amazon. The lashes are lightweight, and they're secured along a clear band so they're virtually undetectable when you glue them along your lash line. Just don't forget to purchase some lash glue, as it's not included in this set.

Relevant Review: "I have tried many brands of lashes and usually have a difficult time finding brands that are lightweight, [have] a clear band, and that aren't too long for my eyes, but these were all three. Generally, I trim off about a third of the lash before I apply, but I tried these as they came just to see, and they were quite perfect. I cannot wait to try them out with clear glue and no liner next time. They definitely have a more natural, but still glam look to them. I will definitely be purchasing them again."


Renny Vasquez is a New York City-based makeup artist