best eyelashes for hooded eyes

The 7 Best Eyelashes For Hooded Eyes

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by Claire Epting

Using false eyelashes is an easy, effective way to add volume to your natural lashes — and there are plenty of options for those with hooded lids. To keep them from adding a weighted-down look to the upper lid, the best eyelashes for hooded eyes won’t be too thick or dense, which is why fibers like faux mink, faux silk, and human hair are ideal options. They’ll also feature tapered fibers that are longer in the center and shorter on the sides.

The Expert

Suzy Gerstein is a New York City-based celebrity makeup artist with experience in editorial, print, and television. She’s worked with clients like Karlie Kloss, Leighton Meester, and Millie Bobby Brown, and photographers like Annie Leibovitz and Norma Jean Roy.

What Types Of Eyelashes Are Best For Hooded Eyes?

“I tend to avoid false lashes that are cut too long or blunt as that can appear obvious on hooded lids,” explains celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein. Instead, she personally recommends applying clusters of individual tapered lashes to the lash line to create a natural appearance. A combination of long and short fibers tend to work well for hooded eyes, as they add volume without being too bold. If you opt for a strip instead of individual lashes, look for fibers that are longer in the center and shorter on the sides.

It’s also possible for people with hooded eyes to create a cat eye look by using half-length lashes. “I love to angle them up ever so slightly at the outer corners to optically lift the lids of those with downward-sloping eye shapes,” Gerstein explains.


Most lashes for hooded eyes are fabricated from synthetic fibers that mimic the texture of mink or silk. You also have the option of choosing lashes made of real human hair, which are more lightweight and ideal for anyone sensitive to synthetic materials.

  • Faux mink: Ranging from light and natural to thick and bold, faux mink lashes have matte or light satin finishes. Unlike real mink lashes, synthetic mink lashes won’t lose their curl when wet.
  • Faux silk: Faux silk tends to be glossier than faux mink, with finer strands that lend themselves to more natural looks. Although several brands may state that their lashes are made of silk, it should be noted that they’re usually referring to a synthetic-based silk fiber, which holds shape and curl.
  • Human hair: These lashes will give you the most natural look, since the fibers will most closely resemble the eyelashes you already have, and they’re lightweight and unlikely to irritate sensitive eyes. Human hair lashes won’t hold their shape as well as synthetic lashes, so you might need to replace them more often. While they’re great for subtle, everyday looks, they might not give you the oomph you need for more dramatic makeup styles.

How Do You Put On Fake Eyelashes?

Start by trimming the excess length off the ends of the strip. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the lash band, look down, then press the lash onto your eye starting in the center before moving to the outer and inner corners. If there’s still a bit of space between your false lash and your lash line, take a pair of tweezers and push the false lash down toward your natural lashes.

The best individual lashes can applied the same way, except you have the option of layering them along your lash line to create a more pronounced look. “I tend to layer five or six along the lash line, working with short and medium lengths, depending on how deep set someone’s eyes are and what looks most flattering,” says Gerstein.

If you’re using magnetic lashes, the process is a bit different. In this case, you apply the magnetic formula to your upper lash line like an eyeliner, then attach the lashes using the micro-magnets found on the lash band. Magnetic adhesive is a great choice for hooded eyes because it isn’t as sticky as traditional adhesive, so the odds of the glue — or a stray lash — sticking to your upper lid are lower.

With all that in mind, here are the best eyelashes for hooded eyes.

Shop The Best Lashes For Hooded Eyes

In a hurry? These are the best false lashes for hooded eyes:

  1. The Best Classic Drugstore Lashes: Ardell Faux Mink Wispies
  2. The Best Individual Lashes: Ardell Double Up False Eyelashes
  3. The Best Subtle Lashes: Eylure Naturals False Eyelashes
  4. These Best Magnetic Lashes That Don’t Require Glue: Luxilla Magnetic Eyelashes
  5. The Best Human Hair Lashes: WSP By Christina Eyelashes
  6. The Best Lashes Designed Specifically For Hooded Eyes: Ardell L Curl False Eyelashes
  7. The Best Half Lashes For Creating A Cat Eye: Frihappy Accent Half Lashes

1. The Best Classic Drugstore Lashes

Best for: Dramatic looks that define the entire eye

With over 3,400 five-star ratings on Amazon, these faux mink lashes from Ardell are beloved by beauty fans for their lightweight yet full look. Feathery and fluttery, the fine fibers of various lengths are set in a criss-cross pattern and have tapered ends. Each medium-volume lash is longest in the center, with shorter fibers on the sides — a shape that works especially well for hooded eyes. The transparent lash band blends in with your natural lash line, remaining undetectable. You get four pairs in a pack, but you’ll have to provide your own eyelash adhesive.

According to a reviewer: “I have hooded lids & don't like so many lashes cuz they look too big on me! This was the 1st time I was able to EASILY put on lashes W/out fuss! [...] Ardell has always been my go to but I'll never go back to any other lash because they fit my eyes so well & look "natural" for a non regular lash wearer!”

Fibers: Faux mink | Adhesive included? No

2. The Best Individual Lashes

Expert Pick

Best for: More natural looks, anyone who wants the option of layering for extra volume

Susy Gerstein recommends using these individual false lashes to achieve day-to-day makeup looks. “I love these tapered, knot-free individuals from Ardell because the varied lengths of the hairs in each cluster give a very natural appearance,” she says. Rather than applying a full-length band to your eyelid, you can layer these lashes for customized thickness. Since they’re made from real human hair, they’re a great choice for sensitive eyes.

For hooded eyes, Gerstein suggests sticking with the short-length option, but there are medium and long styles as well. Gerstein says that individual lashes “tend to be easier to put on others than yourself,” so you might want to enlist a friend to help.

You get over 200 individual lashes in total, which will last you a long time, but you’ll need to supply your own adhesive.

According to a reviewer: “These eyelashes hold up well and look great for weeks. They are easy to fluff and reshape after sleeping and bathing. Give a slightly dramatic fullness. I combine with short black double flares for the inside of my eyes /corners. Looks glamorous.”

Fibers: Human hair | Adhesive included? No

3. The Best Subtle Lashes

Best for: Subtle looks

If you’re looking to achieve a more subtle look, these faux mink lashes are some of the best false eyelashes for everyday wear. They’re light, soft, and easy to apply — perfect for natural makeup styles. Plus, the set also includes a latex-free lash adhesive that lasts up to 18 hours. Each lash is slightly longer in the center, gradually shortening on either side. You get three pairs of lashes in a pack, and each pair lasts up to five wears.

According to a reviewer: “What I love most about these is the fact that they are very lightweight. You really cant tell that you are wearing falsies. The strip is very lightweight which makes it great because it is nearly invisible. This is nice because if you dont line it up perfectly, it isn’t obvious.”

Fibers: Faux mink | Adhesive included? Yes

4. The Best Magnetic Lashes

Good for: Dramatic looks, anyone sensitive to glue adhesive

The best magnetic eyelashes for hooded eyes don’t require any sticky adhesive to apply, and the faux silk fibers have a luxuriously soft feel. Each lash is designed with five strong micro-magnets that adhere to the included magnetic eyeliner. The bottle of eyeliner includes enough product to last up to 60 wears, and you get five pairs of lashes in a pack. To make the process even easier, you also get a silicone-tipped applicator tool that assists you in placing the lashes on your eyes. Since the set includes multiple shapes and thicknesses, this is a great choice if you want to switch up your look on the regular.

According to a reviewer: “Love, love, LOVE these lashes! I’m having so much fun wearing them with different looks. Highly recommend this product! I have hooded eyes so it’s not easy to shop for eye products, but the magnetic eyeliner does not stick to the top so, lashes are on point!”

Fibers: Faux silk | Adhesive included? N/A (application with micro-magnets)

5. The Best Human Hair Lashes

Good for: Subtle looks, sensitive eyes, anyone who wants a lightweight feel

Made from 100% human hair, these natural-looking lashes are ideal for sensitive eyes. Wispy and natural-looking, each lash strip consists of fibers of various lengths with tapered ends. They’re longer in the center and shorter on the sides, which can help to visually open up the eye. Several customers reported that the lashes can last several wears with proper care, so the set of six pairs will last you a long time. They don’t come with eyelash adhesive, however, so you’ll have to provide your own.

According to a reviewer: “I love these eyelashes! [...] Now I see what the hype is about. They are very natural looking and perfect for someone with hooded eyes. Love them! I can wear them several times without them falling apart.”

Fibers: Human hair | Adhesive included? No

6. The Best Lashes Designed Specifically For Hooded Eyes

Good for: Looks that are midway between subtle and dramatic

Another fantastic pick from Ardell, these faux lashes were created with hooded eyelids in mind. The L-curl shape is specifically designed to lift and define the eye, which makes these lashes great for more dramatic looks. Longer in the center and shorter on the sides, these lashes also feature tapered ends, so they still look natural. The lash band is transparent, but the brand doesn’t mention whether these synthetic fibers are meant to mimic silk or mink. You get four pairs in this set, but you’ll have to use your own eyelash adhesive.

According to a reviewer: “Love these lashes! They are so light I forget I'm wearing them. I love how they enhance my natural lashes. Perfect for hooded eyes.”

Fibers: Synthetic | Adhesive included? No

7. The Best Half Lashes For A Cat-Eye Look

Good for: Cat-eye looks

These cat-eye false lashes accentuate just the corners of your eyes for a lifted look that’s so timeless. Made from wispy, lightweight faux mink fibers, the tapered lashes are shorter in the center and longer at the ends to create an elongated look. There are three pairs in each pack, but you’ll have to use your own eyelash adhesive. These are also some of the best false eyelashes for beginners since they only require application to the outer half of your eye.

According to a reviewer: “I love these!! I have hooded eyes so I don’t need a full lash only half to help open my eyes. I wore these pretty much everyday on vacation and never felt them on. They are super easy to put on and felt/looked natural.”

Fibers: Faux mink | Adhesive included? No