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The 2023 Hair Color Trend For Your Sign Will Give You So Much Life


You’ve got the haircut you need to try in 2023, but what about the color? Since it can be hard to think of the right shade, Elite Daily tapped celebrity hair stylist Jamie Wiley and Quia Querisma, Dallas-based natural hair stylist and colorist, on their best hair color recs and predictions for the new year.

Ahead, you’ll find the hair color you should try in 2023, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Underlights

Fearless Aries will adore the peekaboo aspect of this dye job because of how untraditional it is compared to most popular styles. Querisma says, “This trend is perfect for someone who is adventurous at heart, but still needs to keep it cute at work.”


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Taurus: Soft Life Ginger

Earth sign Taurus is the ultimate chill gworl, so an easy-to-maintain color is usually preferable. Enter: the most neutral of reds. Querisma describes this shade as “ultra-light,” “non-committal,” and “a subtle way of going copper if you're afraid to dive in fully.”


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Gemini: Haute Honey Blond

Though Geminis lurv being the center of attention, subtlety will be the name of the game for this air sign in 2023. For them, Querisma suggests haute honey blond. “It’s as deep and rich as a jar of honey,” she says, noting that it “works for both highlights on brown hair or all over.”


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Cancer: Strawberry Blond

Reminiscent of Daphne Bridgerton’s tresses, strawberry blond will suit the softness of water sign Cancer, as the shade embodies their delicate, sentimental nature.



Leo: Ashy Brown

The spotlight is always on sun-ruled Leo, so a shade that gives hair more bounce, light, and vibrancy is a must. With its darker base and lighter highlights, ashy brown is the answer.


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Virgo: Chestnut Brown

Virgos are perfectionists, and require tones that meet their standards. The light brown and delicate burgundy hues within chestnut hair are practical enough for Virgo’s busy lifestyle, and can be an easy transition for them from season to season.


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Libra: Dark Blond

Balanced Libra is the least likely to make a major change. Instead, they’d opt for easygoing colors that exude glamour and taste, just like a classic dark blond. “The best part is that it can be calibrated to accommodate warm or cool skin tones at your colorist's discretion,” Querisma says of the hue.


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Scorpio: Red Hot Copper

Scorpio needs something deep. Since Wiley expects a “shift to warm tones” in 2023, a mix of bright and subdued shades of red are on the menu for this passionate sign. Think more dark and copper hues.


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Sagittarius: Deep Violet

Free-spirited Sagittarius isn’t afraid of change, so going bold with violet hair is the move. While it may be more difficult to manage, Querisma says, “I'm a big fan of work-friendly fashion colors that are understated indoors and come to life in the sun,” so it’s worth it.


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Capricorn: Warm Chocolate Brown

Dark hues like warm chocolate brown are easy to maintain, which will surely appeal to practical Capricorn. Chocolate brown is also one of the more sophisticated hair colors, and will be fun for Capricorns to play around with when the cooler months hit.


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Aquarius: Frosted Hair

Frosted hair meant for an imaginative Aquarius. Wiley predicts the ‘90s style coming back “bolder than ever” in 2023. “This color technique creates highs and lows in the hair,” she says. “The lightened hair falls precisely among the darker hair, which resembles how frost settles atop trees.”


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Pisces: Expensive Brunette

If you know a Pisces, you’re aware of the magical and warm way they make everyone they meet feel. To go hand in hand with this magnetic nature, Querisma recommends a rich brown with caramel highlights as their ideal color combo for the new year.


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