Where Are They Now? Adam Morrison Retires From NBA, Becomes Coach At Gonzaga

by Julian Sonny

Adam Morrison is a far way from his glory days as an NCAA star when he was playing at Gonzaga University. The kid with the porn star mustache and silky smooth jump shot was widely considered the best player in the country, averaging 28.1 points a game, when he led the Bulldogs to the Sweet 16 back in 2006.

As we all know, however, the NBA was a different story. While he was a member of a championship Los Angeles Lakers team, he pretty much never contributed to their run. That bench seat was hella warm, though!

He then moved on to Charlotte as a member of the Bobcats, where he averaged just 7.5 points a game. Adam Morrison might just be the worst player in NBA history to win a title. So after absolutely tanking it in the pros, what's next for the 29 year old? Well, retirement for one.

But then, why not return to the site of his glory days and become a coach? That'e exactly what he's doing! Gonzaga coach Mark Few spoke to CBS Sports recently and said this.

"He'll be a student assistant," Few said. "It'll be great. The players really respect him."

Good for him, I guess. He will return to the school that once worshiped him and, hey, at least he's a champion this time around. And when you think about it, Morrison played in 163 career games and won two rings, while it took LeBron James over five times as long to do that. Wow!

Adam Morrison has retired. He played in 163 career games and won 2 rings. It took LeBron over 5 times as long to do that (903 games). Ouch. — NOT SportsCenter (@NOTSportsCenter) July 25, 2013

That just goes to show you, success in the college ranks doesn't always translate into the NBA. Oh well. Check out his highlights as a Laker below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images