Twitter Suspends SB Nation And Deadspin Accounts For Using Sports GIFs

by Adam Silvers
Getty Images

In case you needed further affirmation the world is an unfair place, Twitter reportedly suspended go-to sports accounts SB Nation and Deadspin.

I say these two accounts, among others, are the go-tos because of the GIFs they provide of the best highlights and action from sporting events. That service is exactly what cost them their right to tweet.

Deadspin and SB Nation were accused by the NFL, UFC, the NCAA Big 12 and Southeastern Conferences and others of violating copyright protections.

Apparently, Twitter received almost 24 "takedown notices" from the likes of the above-mentioned organizations, which claimed the website was in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The NFL's notices said,

As you may be aware, the NFL owns and/or controls the worldwide rights to license intellectual property of the NFL and its Member Clubs, including, but not limited to, moving images and other audio/video content featuring NFL game action and/or other NFL programming (collectively, 'NFL Content'), and the copyrights in and to the NFL Content.

The NFL claimed it never requested for the accounts to be suspended, as did the Big 12 and the SEC, but the fact remains, we all took a big loss this week.

A world without awesome sports GIFs isn't a world at all.

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