Twitter Groupies Still Want To Bang Aaron Hernandez Because He's 'Hot'


Social media is a b*tch. Leave it to the true low-lives of the world to always turn a horrible situation into something that it totally doesn't need to be. In the curious case of Aaron Hernandez, who was charged for murder, some idiot groupies are missing the point and calling him hot. Really?

Some girls are so thirsty that they are dismissing the whole homicide and looking into what really matters to them — muscles and tattoos. And this isn't just any random occurrence. These ladies are coming out in droves, professing their new-found love for the troubled football star.

We saw this with the recent Boston bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and even with the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes. This generation will turn any kind of situation, no matter how tragic or morbid, into another superficial tweet or post. Just check out the idiocy below.

Stupid smuts.

Photo Credit: Tumblr