Twitter Is Blaming Ciara For Cursing Russell Wilson And The Seahawks


The Seattle Seahawks are now 0-2 in their last two games.

Some of that has to do with safety enforcer Kam Chancellor holding out of his contract and not playing on that defense, but Twitter mostly believes it's because quarterback Russell Wilson is dating Ciara.

The couple was together all offseason, but they made it public they are staying celibate for now.

But now that Ciara is an official NFL WAG, she's going to have to get used to being blamed for losses.

Could she be the reason Seattle loses out on another Super Bowl? Twitter thinks so, and the users hold absolutely no mercy.

Distractions come in many forms for NFL players.

But that's just how the Internet and pro sports work.

It's unfortunate this had to happen to this happy couple.

Now, fans are doing whatever they can to make sure Wilson and Ciara split.

Nothing's worse than random people thinking they know what's best for you.

Apparently, the answer is just one!

The only other person who understands this struggle right now is Drake...

...because the person outside of the game is always the one to blame.

This is not the news Seahawks fans wanted to hear.

Even some of Ciara's biggest fans doubt her.

Could the things people are saying actually be true?

This appears to be the unanimous decision.

At this point, Ciara should just not even check her mentions.

Or, maybe she should just go on a little Twitter hiatus in general.

Being blamed for a curse is never how you'd want to start your day.

This can't actually be true, can it?

Well, this looks more like the truth.

It looks like there's only one thing left for Russell Wilson to do.

But maybe he jinxed himself from the beginning, too.

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