Mom Reveals StubHub Trick To Get Better Game Seats For Free

This mom's got her sassy game face on for one very good reason: She got clutch seats because of an awesome trick which has since gone viral.

That's right – momma knows how to work the system.

Up until the beginning of December, this was a good little gig she had going.

But her downfall was telling her son about it, because he told the world. Now it's not a secret, and the number of downloads for the StubHub app probably tripled overnight.

She sent this message to her son:

So, I found the sweet little hustle: Buy nosebleed seats and then download the StubHub app. It shows you which seats haven't been purchased. If they're empty, you walk in and fill them. I'm on the floor section of the game tonight.

Hustle game so strong. SO strong.

That message was enough to GET THE PEOPLE GOIN'. But it was the selfie that sealed the deal. It looks like she's alone and I have so much time for the solo adventure.

People wasted no time in comparing Momma Clutch (who, by the way, looks way too young to be a mom) to Joanne the Scammer.

Yep, the LOLs just kept on coming.

And coming.

The text message was tweeted out by her son Eric Griffin, who can revel in the fact his mom is cooler than most.

The con artist was hailed as a hero and total smoooooth operator by people who loved her way of life on Twitter.

Teach me, Momma Clutch. Teach me how to hustle like you. I need badass seats for an Eagles game (GO BIRDS) and I won't rest until I track you down and make you show me your ways.

TL;DR: Buy terrible tickets, download StubHub app, look for empty seats on app when you get there, enjoy better view.