In Time For Valentine's Day, Here Are The Best Looking Male Athletes

by Miranda Kulp

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, many singles are starting to panic or wonder if and who will be their valentines this year. Have no fear, ladies; there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Or, should I say, plenty of athletes to be in love with?

It's no secret every girl has a soft spot in her heart for athletes. It's in their determination, passion and way they keep in shape that makes every girl swoon.

So, here, I present to all you single sports lovers, the best of the best when it comes to mixing athletes and valentines. Sorry in advance, as some of these men are taken -- but that doesn't mean their good looks still can't be honored!

Gerard Piqué, Pro Soccer Player


Twitter: @3gerardpique

Team: Spain and FC Barcelona

Age: 28

The center back is a media darling due to his boyish good looks and the fact that he's won every major tournament, including the Champions, the Premier League, the World Cup and the European Super Cup.

Relationship Status: His girlfriend is Colombian pop singer Shakira.

Luis Suárez, Pro Soccer Player


Twitter: @luis16suarez

Team: Uruguay and FC Barcelona

Age: 27

One of the biggest scorers of the season, Suárez tallied 31 goals for Liverpool this year, winning him the prestigious European Golden Shoe.

Although talented, there are records of several biting instances. But, hey, at least he's cute.

Relationship Status: He's married to his childhood sweetheart, Sofia Balbi. The two met when he was only 15.

James Magnussen, Olympic Swimmer

Twitter: @james_maggie91

Country: Australia

Age: 23

He's the current 100-meter freestyle world champion, and this stud holds the fourth fastest swim in history with a 47.10. His talent speaks for itself and his perfect abs and dreamy eyes are enough to capture anyone's heart.

Relationship Status: Back in 2012, he was linked to girlfriend Andrea Patrulescu, but the two have been rumored to be on-again, off-again for sometime now.

Ryan Lochte, Olympic Swimmer


Twitter: @RyanLochte

Country: USA

Age: 30

Notorious American bad boy of swimming, Lochte's talent and confidence in the water, combined with his good looks, make women everywhere fall for him.

Relationship Status: He's rumored to be hooking up with multiple starlets, but no relationship has been confirmed.

Alex Wennberg, NHL Player

Twitter: @wenniss

Team: Columbus Blue Jackets

Age: 20

Drafted in round one in 2013, this young heartthrob has been making his presence known in the NHL ever since. The Sweden native has been stealing the hearts of both European and American fan girls.

Relationship Status: Unfortunately, he's taken.

Brendan Smith, NHL Player


Twitter: @bssmith7

Team: Detroit Red Wings

Age: 24

Originally from Canada, this talented and extremely goofy hockey guy is both athletic and adorable, which easily makes girls all over North America fall for him.

Relationship Status: Single.

Cam Newton, NFL Player


Twitter: @CameronNewton

Team: Carolina Panthers Quarterback

Age: 25

Not only is Cam Newton extremely talented, but also, his dimples and humble attitude are just two more reasons why this player is considered America's sweetheart.

Relationship Status: Although he's been linked to a few women in the past, Newton has never officially acknowledged any relationships to the press.

Eric Decker, NFL Player


Twitter: @EricDecker87

Team: New York Jets

Age: 27

Multitalented Decker played both football and baseball during his time at the University of Minnesota.

With a recent move to New York, Decker not only has talent, but also makes fans fall in love with his good looks and extremely well-kept hair.

Relationship Status: Decker is married to country singer Jessie James, and the perfect pair now have their own reality show on E!

Matt Harvey, MLB Player


Twitter: @MattHarvey33

Team: New York Mets

Age: 25

The Met's pitcher is committed to his sport and knows how to make his presence known with both talent and boyish good looks.

Relationship Status: He was dating supermodel Anne V, but they broke up recently after a few weeks "on the rocks."

Will Middlebrooks, MLB Player


Twitter: @middlebrooks

Team: San Diego Padres

Age: 26

Although Middlebrooks left Boston, he's taking his talent, passion and good looks to San Diego. As one of baseball's sweethearts and all-around good guys, Middlebrooks knows how to treat the women in his life right.

Relationship Status: He's engaged to former Red Sox sideline reporter Jenny Dell.

Shannon Brown, NBA Player


Twitter: None

Team: Miami Heat

Age: 29

Drafted in 2006, Brown has played for several teams during his NBA career, such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, Charlotte Hornets, LA Lakers, Phoenix Suns, San Antonio Spurs and the New York Knicks, all before ending in Miami.

Regardless of the city, his skill and smile will always draw the crowds and female hearts in for the games.

Relationship Status: He's been happily married to singer Monica since 2010.

Jonas Jerebko, NBA Player


Twitter: @JonasJerebko

Team: Detroit Pistons

Age: 27

Born in Sweden, he was drafted into the NBA in 2009. Recently, he has been dominating the games and gaining media attention for his intensity while on the court.

He also always seems to be gaining attention for his European charm and good looks.

Relationship Status: As far as the public knows, he's single.