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Tim Tebow's Rumored Girlfriend Would Bring Any Man To His Knees (Photos)

The window on Tim Tebow's NFL career may be edging closer and closer to slamming shut, but the former Florida Gator just put a massive tick in the win column.

According to multiple reports, Tebow is now dating Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe and Miss USA 2012.

You may also be familiar with Culpo due to the fact that she previously dated Nick Jonas.

It's been a bumpy ride for Tim Tebow in his pursuit of a starting role as an NFL quarterback, but if the rumors are indeed true, well, let's just say he'll probably get over that football disappointment real quick.

Meet Olivia Culpo, a former Miss Universe, Miss Rhode Island and Miss USA winner, and the new beau of one Tim Tebow.

In 2010, Olivia Culpo was signed by a Boston-based modeling agency, Maggie, Inc.

Culpo was an instant success on the Miss USA circuit, much like Tebow in the NFL.

She won the very first pageant she entered, the 2012 Miss Rhode Island USA competition.

Later that year, Culpo was crowned Miss Universe, becoming the first American winner since 1997.

Though she models for a living, the Rhode Island native is also an accomplished cellist... well as an aspiring pizza-maker of sorts.

But back to the modeling, where Culpo appears to be a straight-up natural.

Yup, this Jack of all trades is clearly comfortable in front of the camera.

Like when she nailed it for the #CharlotteGirls campaign...

...or when she's just rocking her own style on the go.

This native New Englander is definitely a winner...

...which, without drawing too many conclusions, would make Nick Jonas a loser.

Tim Tebow, though, just threw a touchdown in the fourth quarter.

And don't worry, Tim, it looks like Olivia has enough rings for the both of you.

Olivia Culpo is definitely living the life right now.

Tim Tebow's mood:

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