There's Already A Sports Story About Michael Sam's Dick Because Of Course There Is

As the sports writer, I am charged with the wonderful responsibility of sharing with you that everyone seeing the outline of Michael Sam's penis (guys into guys, this is your lucky day) does not qualify as a news story (except for me telling you that it isn't a story).

Sure, his package was visible for all to see. This is a little weird, but rather unavoidable if you were watching the NFL on live television.

As Sam made his way from one drill to another in full compression gear, his penis began to swell up a bit.

Arguably, the footage suggests this was a far cry from a full on erection. A disputable fact, we could also chalk this up to the eminently visible result of wearing compression shorts.

You can bet that Sam was trying his best to ignore the situation.

Surely, the last thing Sam wants is to make the most important physical tests of his life more difficult.

For anyone who is counting, Michael Sam officially came out 17 days ago.

H/T: Deadspin