20 Moments That Prove The Rock Has A Soft Side, Even If He Is 'Hercules'

If you're not planning on seeing the new "Hercules" movie this weekend, you really need to reassess all your goals in life.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the star of the show, and he's already described this as the most demanding role of his career. By the looks of the insane workouts he took to train for it, it's going to be intense.

But what else would you expect from the People's Champ at this point of his career?

He's on the cusp of becoming the biggest action movie star on the planet -- and that's after more than a decade of dominating the WWE.

He's a certified badass and one of the most legendary figures of our generation. Some would even say he's the next Chuck Norris. But what you might not know about Dwayne is that he has a soft side, too. Check out the evidence below:

Even when filming, Dwayne had to take breaks to play some patty cake.

Then we got the TBT that reminded us all that The Rock is human after all.

But it was the attention to detail that impressed us most.

He really is just a mama's boy at heart.

And, to him, the happiest place on earth is Disneyland.

Other than that, he's low key kind of a nerd.

The Rock likes to get his days started with a stack of blueberry pancakes.

Then he takes a stroll to his backyard where he says good morning to all of God's animals.

That includes his beloved French Bulldog.

A motherf*cking koala.

And, of course, he has a cat, ladies.

When he's not training, you'll probably find him with his guitar.

He could be taking a nap on another woman.

But most likely, he's with his family.

The Rock absolutely loves children.

They don't even have to be his children!

Sometimes, The Rock wears a dress because he says he enjoys the breeze.

Who's really going to question his manhood though?

Make no mistake about it, he is your worst nightmare.

And he actually doesn't respect you at all.

It's just so damn ironic.

Make sure you watch "Hercules" today!