16-Year-Old LeBron Proves He Has Always Been Poised For Greatness (Video)

LeBron James, the most physically gifted basketball player on the planet, is just two wins away from one of the most impressive victories in the history of the NBA Finals.

His Cavaliers are decimated by injury, his biggest help is an Australian point guard making less than $1 million this season and he's right in his comfort zone.

This should surprise no one, though, because from an early age, LeBron always knew he wanted the most out of basketball.

In this interview from 2001, a 16-year-old LeBron sits down with Kirk Herbstreit to quite clearly lay out his goals.

The maturity shown by the King is so unbelievable, you have to remind yourself he's only 16 in the video.

He keeps the conversation centered on basketball and family, doesn't get trapped by questions about college and comes off as extremely humble.

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