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16 Things That Are Definitely Sweeter Than The Sweet 16

Phew, it's over. You can finally go to a bar or chill with friends this weekend and not have to worry about brackets and basketballs, right? Wrong.

Rounds one and two may be in the books, but March Madness is just heating up. Come Thursday night, I won't be doing anything but watching college basketball on and off for four straight days. It's my job. It's my passion.

However, I know there are plenty of people who have plans this weekend involving activities and events that don't have a thing to do with the Sweet Sixteen or the Elite Eight. Hell, they might not even have plans to be by a television screen or check their phones for score updates.

And, in light of the above revelation, I started thinking about not only some of the things people will be doing Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday instead of watching the NCAA tournament, but also some universal experiences that even sports fans might agree are better than March Madness.

Before you have to sit through, or do your best to avoid, another weekend of crazy college hoops, check out 16 things we all know are sweeter than the Sweet 16, no matter what time of year it is.

That first bite of a burrito after getting so stoned you can't feel your face.

Sleeping uninterrupted for 10 hours straight.

Eating as much as humanly possible on Thanksgiving, then passing out on the couch.

Getting hammered with your best friends outdoors.

A slice or two of pizza at 3 am after drinking too much.

Going on an adventure to a foreign land.

Wearing sweatpants all day, watching Netflix and ordering Seamless at least twice.

Watching viral videos of baby animals.

Getting P-A-I-D.

Getting L-A-I-D.

Sitting on the beach with a cool drink in your hand and your toes in the sand.

Ice cream on a scorching August afternoon.

Lying in your significant other's arms on the couch all day.

Sitting on the porch while the rain gently falls all around you.

Reading a book you just can't put down.

"Game of Thrones."