The Dumbest Team Names In All Of Sports

It would make sense in sports today, that you would want a franchise or team name that strikes fear and intimidation in your opponent — not some name that makes the guys on the other bench think you are a bunch of pussyfooting pansies who got lucky and made a squad.  

Just as there are some pretty cool names out there, inevitably there will be a few flops. Here is my list of the 10 stupidest franchise/team names in our modern day world of sports.

10. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (MLB Team):  Pick a city and stick with it, you can’t play in two places at once.

9. Thailand Tobacco Monopoly (Thai Soccer Team):  Just . . . C’mon man

8. Victorian Bushrangers Croquet Squad (Victorian Croquet Team):  As if Croquet wasn’t bad enough, you’re a bunch of bushrangers?

7. Lewisville High School of Texas Fighting Farmers (High School Team): And you all wonder why there is a stereotype about the South.

6. Burns Oregon High School Highlanders (High School Team): Portland has the Trail Blazers and now Burns Oregon has the Highlanders, I’m sorry but no one who plays while  stoned is beating me on the field.

5. Montreal Canadiens (NHL Team): See, Canadiens can be smart two sometimes . . . Or is it too?

4. University of California at Santa Cruz Banana Slugs (Collegiate Team): This just makes no sense.

3. New Orleans Pelicans (NBA Team): The Hornets were a bad enough team, now you’re going to associate the franchise with one of the world’s most stupid looking birds. Great move. Seriously, great.

2. University of Hawaii at Manoa Rainbow Warriors (Collegiate Team):  There is no chance in hell I would ever lose to a Rainbow Warrior.  Not even Ray Lewis could make these guys look intimidating.

1. New Zealand Butte Pirates (High School Team):  ‘Nuff said . . .

Alex Kellish | Elite. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images