This Pro Soccer Team's New Uniform Takes 'Naked' To Another Level

The Spanish are known for their passion and flare, but the new soccer uniforms Spanish team CD Palencia just released take those traits to another level.

The kit was designed by Kappa, and as you can see, the threads CD Palencia will be rocking next season are basically naked human bodies.

Yeah, that might not be the image you had in your head after you read the word "naked," but how else would you describe this crazy, new uniform? These jerseys are like that skeleton you used to stare at in your high school science class, except these actually move.

I wouldn't say the inside of the human body is synonymous with soccer, but if this gets CD Palencia a few more wins as a result of distraction, well, I guess the fashion choice was worth it?

Diego Torres certainly seems a little bewildered by his new uniform, but I'm sure he'll get used to it.

I like how the goalkeeper's kit is purple, as to not deviate too far from the color of blood.

In case you're wondering, #NosDejamosLaPiel reportedly translates to English as, "We leave our skin." Yes, I'd say the team nailed it with that one.

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