Snoop Dogg's Best Accomplishment Is Actually Youth Football, Not Music

Snoop Dogg has another passion besides making music: football.

The 43-year-old West Coast legend hasn't hidden the fact he lives vicariously through his 17-year-old son, Cordell Broadus, who recently committed to play wide receiver at UCLA.

But, Snoop's impact on the game he loves goes far beyond his son's life.

This year, Snoop is sending 20 football players who participated in his elite youth football league, the SYFL, to Division I colleges.

An amazing accomplishment indeed, but it's just another reason why he could legitimately be a college football coach.

Here's a full list of SYFL alumni going away to college this fall.

1. Donzell Roddie — Boise State

2. Kyahva Tezino — San Diego State

3. Jeremy Kelly — San Jose State

4. Damon Wright — Boise State

5. Kameron Powell — Washington State

6. Cordell Broadus — UCLA

7. Iman Marshall — USC

8. Shawn Wilson — Oregon State

9. Malik Psalms — Cal Berkeley

10. Stanley Norman — Arizona State

11. Cameron Hayes — Hawaii

12. Kenya Bell — San Jose State

13. Justin Calhoun — Montana State

14. Jeremy Calhoun — Montana State

15. Taj Jones — Idaho State

16. Mike Bell — Fresno State

17. Jericho Flowers — UNLV

18. Kevin Scott — USC

19. Dominique Davis — USC

20. Jaelon Barnwell — Alabama State University

Beginning in 2005, Snoop rounded up some of the best youth football talent in Southern California in order to develop their games and give them incredible opportunities.

In many cases, these kids come from inner-city areas, much like the place Snoop grew up. The example he sets not only teaches them what it means to be a man but also how to work hard and follow their dreams.

Snoop Dogg's passion for the game is well-renowned, but it's more than that.

What he does for young men coming out of his own hometown is unprecedented. The lives he molds and saves are testaments to who he is as a man and as a leader.

With four current players in the NFL and even more coming up through the collegiate ranks, Snoop Dogg's impact will be felt in college football for years to come.