The 'Crying Jordan' Meme Is Coming Alive Thanks To Snapchat's New Feature


Just when you thought the Jordan crying face was about to go out of style, a new feature has made it possible to get it into your Snapchat feed.

Snapchat's latest update now allows people to swap faces with a picture from their camera rolls. So, it was only going to be a matter of time before users put two and two together and realized they can swap faces with a saved photo of the crying Jordan meme.

Thus, the Jordan crying "filter" was born.

Yeah, you get the point.

And no, Jordan won't be suing Snapchat any time soon. Since the company hasn't formally used his likeness to create a specific filter, there's really no offense to go to court over. But that doesn't make this joke any less funny.

REUTERS/Ellen Ozier

We're done here.

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