People Really Don't Want The 'Crying Jordan' Meme To Go Anywhere

As soon as Michael Jordan walked into NRG Stadium to watch his UNC Tar Heels try and win the NCAA National Championship, we knew the "Crying Jordan" memes were coming.

All it took was the first Villanova hot streak and the first sign of despair from Jordan to set Twitter and meme makers alight with the prospect of Jordan actually crying at the basketball game.

Then, we witnessed the unbelievable meme of Michael Jordan putting the Crying Jordan face on himself!


In the wake of all the memes and UNC's last-second loss, there are those on Twitter who appear to be calling for an end to the Crying Jordan meme. As in, let's not use Michael Jordan's crying face in a meme ever again.


With Twitter being Twitter, though, more than a few voices came out of the woodwork to shut down such radical thinking. These are the best reactions opposing the calls for the Crying Jordan meme to be retired.

Twitter is speaking out in defense of the Crying Jordan meme.

And according to my timeline, Crying Jordan-meme advocates are definitely in the majority...

...which is great because who really wants this legendary meme to be put out to greener pastures?

It's not like those in favor of Crying Jordan are forcing everyone to scroll through the hilarious memes.

So, why would anyone call for a universal ban on the Crying Jordan meme?

Fact: The only way to clown on someone writing a Crying Jordan-meme think piece is by turning him or her into a Crying Jordan meme.

Seriously, a little laughter never killed anyone, right?

Yah, no one really wants to see an end to arguably the greatest meme of all time.

If you didn't know the power of the Crying Jordan meme before last night, you certainly do now.

Maybe you shouldn't be on Twitter if you can't handle scrolling through the endless memes.

This is America, and I'll Crying Jordan-meme if I want to.

I think it's safe to say a large majority of the Internet has spoken.

Yah, we probably should spend our time doing something a bit more productive.

Hey, maybe we should make some new Crying Jordan memes?