Which March Madness Schools Have The Smartest Students In The Country?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the basics of March Madness.

Kentucky is the early favorite, UConn's title defense is over literally before it could begin, Wisconsin has the tall guy who can shoot and Virginia is the dark horse that plays lock-down D.

It's simple. What's not so simple, though, is gauging each of the 68 participating schools' talents when it comes to smarts.

So, which of the nation's 68 best basketball universities also have the smartest students?

To answer that question, put together this infographic showing the top 15 smartest schools participating in March Madness.

Duke is the team that appears most able to match skills with smarts as the number-four overall ranked school. They land in second place on this infographic behind Harvard.

Meanwhile, Virginia's place on the table goes well with their reputation of out-smarting their opponents.

The rest of the list makes for interesting reading, too:

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