Simone Biles Won Bronze, But Her Sassy Snapchat Response Is Pure Gold

It turns out Simone Biles is as talented at dishing sass as she is at landing a "double lay half out."

Fans of the US Olympic gymnast were physically recoiling with grief over the death of her gold medal streak when she fell on the beam during her fourth event on Monday.

But they didn't have to cry for long.

The 19-year-old STILL managed to take home a bronze medal. Even she was surprised. So surprised, she couldn't help but go on Snapchat and dish out some explicit sass.

Here she is, full chill:


And here she is "waiting on beam finals" with old friend Laurie Hernandez:


A VERY old friend, FYI:

Enter the sass:




But it's not like the bronze wasn't earned. Yes, Simone fell, but it wasn't what you casual gymnastics fans would call a “fall," it was a technical fall in the rules world.

During one characteristically difficult jump, Biles stumbled and nearly fell completely off the beam. She stopped herself with her hands, which counts as a “fall” for scoring.

Thanks in large part to that stumble, Biles, for the first time at the Rio Olympics, did not get a gold medal.

The gold instead went to Sanne Wevers of the Netherlands.

Simone has a shot at one more medal on Tuesday afternoon in the women's floor exercise.